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Studying for doctorate in international relations

State Sen. Thomas H. Kean Jr. is continually talked about by Republicans as their U.S. Senate candidate next year. The 37-year-old Kean has 4-1/2 years in public service, entering the Assembly in 2001 and the Senate in 2003. He is the son of Republican Gov. Thomas H. Kean.

Kean, a 1990 graduate of Dartmouth College, is completing his doctoral dissertation in international relations at Tufts University's Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy.

Source: The Jersey Journal, "Menendez vs. Kean" Dec 22, 2005

Family history for centuries as politicians

Kean can trace his ancestry not only through his father the governor, but also his grandfather the congressman, his great-grandfather the senator and so on-going back to William Livingston, who became New Jersey's first constitutional governor in 1776.

Kean gravitated toward public service in short order. After some time overseas, he went to Washington to work for the Environmental Protection Agency and then for Rep. Robert Franks of Union County. He spent much of his free time serving as a volunteer firefighter in a nearby Maryland town. Kean then moved to Massachusetts to continue his education at Tufts University. [He gave up his PhD studies to run] for Franks' congressional seat in 2000.

Source: Josh Gohlke in the Bergen Record and Herald News Dec 19, 2005

Ran for US Congress in 2000 and lost in primary

In 2000, Kean jumped into a crowded Republican primary for Congress. Kean said he had an "incredible experience" knocking on doors in the district and then "proceeded to lose every county convention that existed," referring to the gatherings that award c
Source: Josh Gohlke in the Bergen Record and Herald News Dec 19, 2005

Appointed to both the state legislature and the state Senate

Kean entered the state Legislature with comparative ease a year after [his losing bid in] the 2000 congressional race. Kean was appointed by county party convention to fill a vacancy after an ailing assemblyman resigned. In 2003, Republican officials promoted him to the upper house to replace a retiring state senator, again making him an incumbent before he was elected.
Source: Josh Gohlke in the Bergen Record and Herald News Dec 19, 2005

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