Thomas Kean Jr. on Abortion


No litmus test for judicial nominees

Q: Do you believe that Roe v. Wade should be a litmus test for Supreme Court judges?

KEAN: Unlike Bob Menendez, I support judicial nominees based on merit and ability, not based on litmus tests or whether they support my political views.

MENENDEZ: I strongly support a woman's right to choose. Unlike my opponent, I believe we must have Supreme Court justices who will uphold Roe v. Wade.

Source: Hall Institute N.J. Senate Virtual Debate Sep 24, 2006

Menendez distorts my pro-stem-cell stance

Q: Do you believe that Federal funding of embryonic stem cell research should be banned?

KEAN: I fully support stem cell research, voted in favor of it and opposed President Bush's veto. Sadly, Bob Menendez distorts my record on this issue.

MENENDEZ: I stood up to Bush and voted to expand funding for stem-cell research. Rubberstamp Republican Tom Kean Jr. voted against funding stem-cell research six times.

Source: Hall Institute N.J. Senate Virtual Debate Sep 24, 2006

Opposed Bush's veto of federal stem cell legislation

Q: Your views on stem cell research?

MENENDEZ: I'm working to help researchers harness the potential of stem cell research to prevent and cure diseases like Parkinson's & Alzheimer's. Breakthroughs wouldn't only improve quality of life, but would also keep people out of nursing homes and long-term care facilities. In turn, this would reduce costs for Medicaid and other programs. I support stem cell research 100%. Tom Kean Jr. might say he supports it, but he's voted against funding stem cell research 3 times in the last year alone.

KEAN: Bob Menendez misrepresents my position on stem cell research. In the state senate, I supported stem cell research and opposed pork-barrel brick and mortar projects that Bob's cronies in Trenton attempted to pass under the guise of good science. I opposed Pres. Bush's veto of the federal stem cell legislation and, in the Senate, will work to bring the hope and promise that stem cell research offers to millions of Americans who suffer from devastating diseases.

Source: Hall Institute N.J. Senate Virtual Debate [X-ref Menendez] Sep 2, 2006

Supports embryonic stem cell research

Kean has a moderate voting record, having co-sponsored major bills with Democrats. Last week, he voted in committee for a bill funding embryonic stem cell research, which many conservatives oppose. He supports abortion rights with some restrictions.
Source: Josh Gohlke in the Bergen Record and Herald News Dec 19, 2005

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