Scott Howell on Principles & Values

2000 Democratic Challenger for Senate (UT)

Electing the same people get the same results

Howell, 58, has made Hatch's age and many years in the Senate a major point of his campaign. Howell has sent emails to voters suggesting Hatch, 78, would "retire or die" before the end of his term, and recommending they both release five years of medical records. "We continue to elect the very same people, and we wonder why we get the same results. We need new blood," Howell said. "We cannot perpetuate a seniority system that generates this 10 percent approval" of Congress. Source: San Francisco Chronicle on 2012 Utah Senate debate , Oct 18, 2012

I learned bipartisanship as minority party in state Senate

He's gone so far hard right in order to win this election that he's lost that collaborative spirit, Howell said of Hatch's one-time work with liberals such as the late Sen. Edward Kennedy, D-Mass. Howell added that as the former Democratic leader in the state Senate, he learned how to work with Republicans out of necessity to pass legislation.

Serving in the Utah Legislature is "quite different than being in Congress, by the way, especially in our Legislature," Hatch said, adding that, if elected, Howell would be "surrounded by people" in the Democratic Party "who won't let you be anything but liberal."

At one point, Hatch pointed to his introduction of the DREAM Act--to allow undocumented immigrants brought as young children by their parents to America to attend college and work toward citizenship--as an example of how he cares about Latinos.

Source: Salt Lake Tribune on 2012 Utah Senate debate , Oct 17, 2012

10 years in State Senate; 8 years as Minority leader

For a decade (1991-2001), Scott served as a Utah State Senator--eight years as the Senate Minority Leader--and in doing so established a reputation for being an effective voice in government. Scott Howell has the type of experience and perspective that both Utah and Washington so desperately need; he knows what it takes to increase efficiencies and find solutions that satisfy both sides for the best possible outcomes.
Source: 2012 Senate campaign website, votehowell.org , Apr 23, 2012

Married for 34 years; 4 sons; 3 grandchildren

Scott and Linda have been married for 34 years and are the proud parents of four sons and four daughters-in-law, and three beautiful grandchildren.
Source: 2012 Senate campaign website, votehowell.org , Apr 23, 2012

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