Raul Acosta on Principles & Values

Alternative to two establishment candidates

Many voters in Colorado, who are Republican, Independent and Democratic, are not happy with the choices put forth from the political establishment. People have shared that they don't think Mr. Coors would be a good Senator for Colorado, based on the values they have seen from his brewery company and his advertisements. A lot of these people are faithful people who also disagree with Mr. Salazar's position on abortion, that is, the allowing of a mother to kill her unborn child. This alone is enough for these voters to be upset.

Raul Acosta offers the voters an alternative. He offers the voters the opportunity to make a real difference in Colorado politics! He offers an alternative to the big moneybags of the political establishment! Please write-in "Raul Acosta" for U.S. Senate and make a difference today!

Source: Campaign website, www.dude.us Oct 5, 2004

Write-in candidacy by word-of-mouth

Raul Acosta is an official "word of mouth" write-in candidate for the U.S. Senate. He is a normal middle-class family man. Raul believes in the Ten Commandments, the Constitution of the United States and the Bill of Rights. He also believe that we as a Nation must be connected to the evolving world around us and not be an isolationist country. The United States is a great Country still symbolic of freedom, liberty and hope to many in the World. Raul believes that what is written in the Constitution should rarely be altered, but what is not written--what never was thought of-- (such as the Marriage Act)--should be supported. Yet, what is written should never be altered--(such as no Foreign-born person can ever be President).
Source: Campaign website, www.dude.us Oct 5, 2004

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