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Wife, Rep. Gabby Giffords, survived assassination attempt

Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords is the only patient from Saturday's shooting who remains in critical condition, although she was responsive to commands this morning. In a detailed press conference, hospital officials said that Giffords is sedated and is being awakened periodically so doctors can see how she is progressing.

Officials said she is fortunate because the single bullet that struck her during the shooting rampage at a supermarket north of Tucson did not pass through both hemispheres. The bullet entered through the back of her skull on her left side and exited through the front. The gravest danger now is swelling of her brain. Doctors have removed about half of her skull on the left side to alleviate the pressure.

Doctors said while Giffords' progress is promising, they don't know what future deficits might result from being shot in the head.

Her husband, veteran astronaut Mark Kelly, is at her side. Some family friends have been allowed in to visit.

Source: Tucson Citizen on 2020 Arizona Senate race , Jan 9, 2011

Certify 2020 Presidential election as fully & fairly counted.

Kelly voted NAY blocking certification of the Electoral vote

Explanation of 1/6/21 Electoral Certification, by Emily Brooks, Washington Examiner:Sen. Ted Cruz and Rep. Paul Gosar led an objection to counting Electoral College votes from the state of Arizona, the first formal objection to state results in a series of moves that will delay the certification of Joe Biden as the winner of the 2020 presidential election over President Trump. Cruz is advocating for an `emergency 10-day audit` of election returns in disputed states. The usually ceremonial joint session of Congress that convenes to count and accept Electoral College votes will be put on hold as the House and Senate separately debate the objection.