Marilyn O'Grady on Abortion

Entered the race to give a voice to the unborn

It's the social issues that really define us as a culture, and how we treat the most humble and the most insignificant in our society says a lot about us, and I think it's to our detriment that we don't stick up for the sanctity of human life. I'm very proud to be in this race in order to give a voice to the unborn. Unlike some people who will say they're personally opposed but they won't impose their view on somebody else, that's no moral backbone. That's just trying to have it both ways.
Source: 2004 NY Senate Debate on WABC Oct 17, 2004

Believes in the freedom for the unborn

MILLS: I'm socially tolerant and O'Grady is in this race for one reason and one reason only: I support a woman's right to choose. She's an anti-choice candidate. She's running a one-issue, anti-choice campaign. I support a woman's right to choose.

O'GRADY: Everybody believes in freedom. What Howard doesn't believe in is the freedom for the unborn. They don't have any rights as far as he's concerned, and that's why I'm in this race in order to give a voice to those who would not have any voice.

Source: [Xref Mills] 2004 NY Senate Debate on WABC Oct 17, 2004

Strong advocate for the unborn

Marilyn is a strong advocate for the unborn. She is firmly opposed to any and all taxpayer funding for abortion, she supports banning that grisly infanticide called partial birth abortion and she supports the legal protection for unborn victims of violence.
Source: Campaign website, www.voteogrady.com, "On the Issues" Jun 15, 2004

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