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America needs a change in culture as well as politics

America needs a change in culture as well as politics. We need to become again a nation that values health, hard work, innovation, education, the environment and each other. We were the nation that led the world into the industrial revolution, put the first man on the moon, provided education to all and our national park system is second to none.
Source: Campaign website, www.drownforvermont.com Jun 24, 2006

Running so Dems won't cede race to Bernie Sanders

Larry Drown said he would run for US Senate to ensure that Democrats were represented in the race to succeed retiring Sen. James Jeffords. The state Democratic Party has ceded the race to Rep. Bernie Sanders, who runs as an independent but largely agrees on major policies with the party.
Source: Press release Dec 2, 2005

"Demagressives" controlling the Party can't field candidates

Drown described the party as being full of "Demagressives, those controlling the Democratic Party who swing so far left that they have lost their Democratic identity and are either unable or unwilling to field a complete Democratic slate for each election." He said the party had pushed rank-and-file Democrats to the Republican Party or has led them to stop voting.
Source: Press release Dec 2, 2005

Has run for office under Democrat, GOP, & Reform parties

Drown has run for a variety of offices under a variety of banners over the years. He appeared on the ballot in Washington County in 1996 for the state Senate representing the Reform Party, which was inspired by Ross Perot. He ran for secretary of state four years later as a Republican and for attorney general in 2002, also as a Republican. Last year he ran as a Democrat for the U.S. House.
Source: Press release Dec 2, 2005

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