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Both Cardin & Steele are hand-selected & won't change things

Q: Is the most important thing who holds the gavel in Congress?

CARDIN: Yes. We need to change the agenda-setters. I stood up for change in Washington. I took on the President when he was wrong. I've worked across party lines. But we need to change the direction.

STEELE: For Ben Cardin to say he's a change agent is laughable. He's been in Congress for 20 years. To all of a sudden say you're interested in change is just not believable. Where's the voice been? Where's the voice on transportation, on health care? These voices I have not heard. Now to say that you're for changing the system, when you've been part of the system that gave us these problems, is laughable.

CARDIN: I'm proud of my record in Congress. Proud of the changes I've made in Medicare & the retirement system.

ZEESE: I think both of you are right. You're both selected by your party leadership. You're both in bed with the special interests. And you're both not going to bring change to Washington. The voters need to know that.

Source: MD 2006 3-way Senate Debate (X-ref Cardin) Oct 25, 2006

Represents three parties & the people, not moneyed interests

Q: You pulled off the hat trick - you represent three parties.

ZEESE: More than my colleagues combined!

Q: Even where people agree with you, how does that translate into the way our country is governed today?

ZEESE: The big problem with our country's governance is that we're more governed by the special interests than the people's interests. I've worked on issue after issue where we can have majority support, we can have facts on our side, but we still get ignored as the people. Because the politicians are listening to the money first. This election is indeed about change - and I'm the only candidate who's a change. Mr. Cardin has been in office for 40 years; Mr. Steele has been the chair of the Republican Party. These are insiders. I'm the only one not in bed with the special interests. I'm not taking special interest money. I'm not out to be bought by anybody.

Source: MD 2006 3-way Senate Debate on NewsChannel 8 Oct 25, 2006

Running a campaign of, by and for the people

Zeese believes in government of, by and for the people and is running a campaign of the people. See his wiki campaign site, www.Zeese.US as an example of how he is involving voters in developing policy, working together for the best policy options.
Source: Email interview with OnTheissues.org Jun 25, 2006

Focusing on peace, justice, democracy and prosperity

The four issues I am focusing on are: Peace, Justice, Democracy and Prosperity. As you will see these issues each have a number of subgroups and are issues I have worked on for many years.
Source: Campaign website, www.kevinzeese.com Jan 24, 2006

Member of Green, Populist, and Libertarian parties

For more than 25 years, Kevin Zeese has been advocate for a wide array of social and economic justice issues. He has helped develop more than a dozen advocacy organizations, brought people together to work in coalitions and built movements.

Zeese has worked on local, state and national political campaigns including serving as Ralph Nader's Press Secretary in 2004. He appears regularly on national television as a commentator on a variety of issues and has been published widely in newspaper and e-news media outlets.

Zeese registered with the Maryland Green Party. A founding member of the Populist Party of Maryland as well as a member of Libertarian Party of Maryland. He believes that the United States needs to return being a government 'of, by and for the people' but that the two major political parties have become corrupted by Big Business and wealthy donor contributions and no longer put the needs of the people first.

Source: Campaign website, www.kevinzeese.com Jan 24, 2006

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