Jim Pederson on Abortion


Kyl proposed an abortion amendment with zero exceptions

Q: Why do both your ads have to be so negative?

KYL: Some of his ads are downright false, distortions even according to the Arizona print media. In one ad he suggests I want to make it a crime for women to have an abortion. I don't. I never did. There's never been a bill in the Congress to do that. Why would you take such a sensitive and emotional subject and put that in an ad that absolutely lies about somebody's career?

PEDERSON: You sponsored two constitutional amendments to prohibit abortion. You could have made an exception for rape. You could have made an exception for incest. You could have made an exception for the health of the mother. You didn't. If those constitutional amendments had passed, all of those provisions would have been contained in the constitution. We told the truth in that ad.

Source: Arizona 2006 Senate debate at KPHO in Phoenix (X-ref Kyl) Oct 15, 2006

Supports abortion right, but also abstinence & contraceptio

Pederson released a new ad that accused Senator Kyl of opposing abortion even in cases of rape or incest. Pederson supports a women's right to have an abortion, and he said he approves of education programs about abstinence and contraception for school children. But the Democrat said he opposes late-term abortions "with the exception of the life or health of the mother."
Source: Chris Kahn, Associated Press, on AOL News Oct 10, 2006

Supports stem cell research

Pederson's early strategy has been to portray Kyl as an extreme conservative. Pederson said, "(Kyl) has voted against body armor for the troops in Iraq. He's voted against stem cell research. He has a totally impractical position on illegal immigration, in great contrast to what Sen. McCain has proposed."
Source: Tucson Citizen Jan 16, 2006

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