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Don't let the Left fill the vacuum of minority voters

Former Republican National Committee Chairman Ed Gillespie, who is running for Senate in Virginia, appealed to his party to reach out to minorities and other groups instead of letting the left "fill that vacuum." Gillespie, speaking at the Conservative Political Action Conference, is running against popular Democratic Sen. Mark Warner in a state that has grown more diverse--and increasingly friendly to Democrats.

The Republican argued that it was important for his party to "be there" in communities that have trended away from the GOP, noting that candidates don't need to speak Spanish to go on the Univision or Telemundo television networks. He also mentioned his own efforts to offer campaign videos in other languages. "We certainly should not cede those audiences to the left," Gillespie said of groups that don't typically vote for Republicans, including many minorities. The left will "fill that vacuum, and we cannot allow that vacuum to occur."

Source: Politico.com coverage of CPAC and 2014 Virginia Senate race , Mar 6, 2014

1994: Named the legislation in the Contract With America

Source: Winning Right, by Ed Gillespie, p. xii , Sep 5, 2006

If you can name something, you can control it

If you can name something you can control it. I have spent a lot of my time in politics naming things. I named the 10 bills in the Contract with America--from the Tax Relief and Job Creation Act through the Personal Responsibility Act and the Common Sense Legal Reform Act. I wrapped the various policy proposals Elizabeth Dole had put forward throughout her campaign into "The Dole Plan for North Carolina," dubbed the Democrats' heated rhetoric in 2004 "political hate speech," and suggested President Bush call the difference between what John Kerry was proposing to spend and what the current budget called for a "tax gap."
Source: Winning Right, by Ed Gillespie, p. 54 , Sep 5, 2006

I am tired of having my religious convictions scorned

I am happy to accept gay people for who they are and love them, to respect the rights of those who choose not to belong to any organized religion, and to understand that some people enjoy shock value in their entertainment.

I have become tired, however, of being told that unless I am willing to support government sanction of same-sex marriage then I am guilty of bigotry, tired of having my religious convictions scorned instead of respected, tired of my children being confronted with shocking images every time they turn on the television or go on the internet.

Source: Winning Right, by Ed Gillespie, p.249 , Sep 5, 2006

A good plan beats a bad plan; any plan beats no plan

Winning campaigns are based on a coherent strategy and executed against a plan. A good plan will beat a bad plan, but any plan will beat no plan. A campaign that doesn't have an idea where its candidate is going to be scheduled 2 weeks from now, doesn't know what message it intends to be on next week, doesn't know what ads are going to be up in 3 weeks, doesn't know what its 51% of the electorate is composed of, or doesn't have a cash-flow projection is a campaign that is likely to lose on Election Day.
Source: Winning Right, by Ed Gillespie, p. 11 , Sep 5, 2006

Planned political reporting career at Catholic U. of America

Although he found enjoyment in politics at an early age, the idea of working in that field was a reach much further than he was able to embrace: "I was fascinated by politics. I went to college [at the Catholic University of America] to be a reporter and to cover politics. Coming from a town like Browns Mills, my brothers, sisters and I are the first generation of Gillespies to ever attend college. My parents never went," says the Chairman. "My father was an immigrant from Ireland, and Washington DC might as well have been Athens, Greece. It seemed so far away. But I thought I could go there and be a newspaper reporter. I could cover politics. I never dreamed that I could be in politics."

"[My childhood] was fairly idyllic, playing a lot of sandlot baseball. I had a dog and he & I would go out on long treks. It was a small town childhood," says Gillespie. "New Jersey is like two different states. There's the 201 [area code] state and the 609 state. I grew up in the 609 state.

Source: South Jersey Magazine on 2014 Virginia Senate race , Jan 1, 2005

Raised a Democrat; first job with Democrat; switched to GOP

While attending Catholic University, Gillespie worked several jobs to help support his education; at one of these positions--a Senate parking lot attendant on Capitol Hill, says Gillespie, "One of the people I parked cars with was an intern in a congressional office and he told me of another opening in that congressional office, and I ended up interning there. That eventually led to a job and I was able to work my way up the political ladder from there."

While he recalls being drawn to the Republican Party from a young age, the Senator he first served under was a Democrat. Gillespie's official party allegiance didn't change until his boss suddenly decided to switch parties in 1984.

"As an Irish-Catholic kid from NJ, my roots were Democratic. My parents' families were very strongly Democrat. But like so many Irish-Catholic Democrats, I found myself relating more to Ronald Reagan and the Republican Party, which was more staunchly anti-communist and more about opportunity."

Source: South Jersey Magazine on 2014 Virginia Senate race , Jan 1, 2005

Contract with America: 10 bills in 1st 100 days of Congress.

Gillespie signed the Contract with America:

As Republican Members of the House of Representatives and as citizens seeking to join that body, we propose not just to change its policies, but to restore the bounds of trust between the people and their elected representatives. That is why, in this era of official evasion and posturing, we offer instead a detailed agenda for national renewal, a written commitment with no fine print.

    Within the first hundred days of the 104th Congress, we shall bring to the House Floor the following bills, each to be given a full and open debate, each to be given a clear and fair vote, and each to be immediately available this day for public inspection and scrutiny:
  1. The Fiscal Responsibility Act: Balanced budget amendment & line item veto
  2. The Taking Back Our Streets Act: More prisons, more enforcement, more death penalty
  3. The Personal Responsibility Act: Limit welfare to 2 years & cut welfare spending
  4. The Families Reinforcement Act: Use tax code to foster families
  5. The American Dream Restoration Act: Repeal marriage tax; cut middle class taxes
  6. The National Security Restoration Act: No US troops under UN command; more defense spending
  7. The Senior Citizens Fairness Act: Reduce taxes on Social Security earnings
  8. The Job Creation and Wage Enhancement Act: Incentives to small businesses
  9. The Common Sense Legal Reforms Act: Limit punitive damages
  10. The Citizen Legislature Act: Term limits on Congress
Further, we will work to enact additional budget savings, beyond the budget cuts specifically included in the legislation above, to ensure that the federal budget will be less than it would have been without the enactment of these bills. Respecting the judgment of our fellow citizens as we seek their mandate for reform, we hereby pledge our names to this Contract with America.
Source: Contract with America 93-CWA1 on Sep 27, 1994

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