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Mistakenly claimed navy service on USS Missouri

Mountjoy acknowledged that his campaign biography wrongly said he had served aboard the battleship Missouri during the Korean War. Mountjoy did not appear on the ship's muster rolls.

The statement about the Missouri was on Mountjoy's campaign Web site, alongside a photo of him as a young sailor. "After graduating High School, Dick joined the Navy and served during the Korean War aboard the Battleship Missouri," said the statement, which also was featured in a film on the site.

The retired state legislator last week said his stint aboard the Missouri had been "very brief" and he served on the heavy cruiser Bremerton. He said later that he occasionally boarded the Missouri during the Korean conflict and was on the ship for "a couple of days at a time." Mountjoy called the statement a "mistake" that was likely based on misinformation from an unknown source, dating back at least six years. "I think it was just something that somebody picked up," Mountjoy said. "It didn't come from me."

Source: Associated Press on MSNBC Sep 22, 2006

God and prayer belong in our private AND public places

Liberal judges have expelled God from our public schools, and the education establishment forces our children to submit to "sex education" that glorifies not only premarital sex but immorality of every sort. The enemies of God are constantly working to remove any mention of his name from public places. The courts have stripped prayer from our public schools, thrown the Ten Commandments out of our courthouses, torn crosses off of county seals, buildings, mountains and war memorials. The Boy Scouts of America are under constant attack because of their belief in God.

The principle that has guided me through my life is my supreme belief in the Savior of mankind, Jesus Christ. We were created by God and placed on this earth to please and glorify Him- not just in the privacy of our homes and churches but in everything we say and do. This belief has guided my actions in my 32 years of political life. My criteria for decision making has been: first, is it right with God, and second, is it Constitutional

Source: Campaign website, www.MountjoyForSenate.com, "Experiment" May 10, 2006

Believes in God, Country and Family in that order

Dick Mountjoy is a no-nonsense conservative Republican who believes in God, Country and Family in that order. He will fight to protect our nation from the threat of terrorists, the illegal alien invasion and runaway government spending.
Source: Campaign website, MountjoyfForSenate.com, "on the issues" Apr 23, 2006

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