Dan Mongiardo on Abortion

2004 former Democratic challenger for Senate (KY)

Supports Stem Cell Research to Save Lives

Saying, “Politics of the extreme right, not science, stand in the way of groundbreaking stem cell research that could help save millions of lives,” Daniel Mongiardo today said if elected to the Senate he would join bipartisan efforts in the Congress to support expanded stem cell research.

“With stem cell research, we’re talking about the potential to cure diseases like diabetes, cancer, Parkinson’s, and Alzheimer’s. I think anyone who has been close to these diseases, whether as a doctor, a friend or a family member, understands the importance of stem cell research,“ said Mongiardo. ”I lost my mother to cancer when she was 47 years old. No family should ever have to suffer that kind of loss.“

”Why does Senator Jim Bunning stand in the way of curing diseases harming so many Kentuckians?“ asked Mongiardo, who is a practicing physician in Eastern Kentucky. ”Will Senator Bunning continue to follow an extremist ideology that supports halting this important scientific breakthrough?“

Source: Press Releases, “Stem Cell Research” Aug 3, 2004

For waiting periods & notification, against partial-birth