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Priority: what is good for American workers and families?

I am running for the United States Senate because, for too long, the men and women who move Ohio forward, American workers, have been left behind by career politicians like Sherrod Brown and Joe Biden. All public policy priorities in America should revolve around a simple concept: what is good for American workers and families? All elected officials should strive to create a growing middle class where the American Dream is accessible to anyone, regardless of their background.
Source: 2024 Ohio Senate campaign website BernieMoreno.com , Apr 19, 2023

Need a new generation with some spine to put America First

[On two-party-system]: "I'm running for U.S. Senate because I've had enough of the insider politicians in both parties selling us out," Moreno, 56, declared in a social media post. "They're too weak and too cowardly to get the job done. We need a new generation of political outsiders with some spine to put America First."
Source: Jewish Insider on 2024 Ohio Senate race , Apr 19, 2023

Running to protect the American dream

Bernie Moreno sees Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, the extreme left, their allies in the media, big tech, and universities push socialism at every turn. He sees them using Cancel Culture to completely silence us. That's not why his parents risked it all to come to America. He's fighting to protect the American Dream.
Source: 2022 Ohio Senate campaign website BernieMoreno.com , Dec 24, 2021

We need to protect Trump's victories & amazing achievements

President Donald J. Trump is the Most Conservative President of Our Lifetime. He stood up to everyone who rigged the system against outsiders, and he fought for Americans every step of the way. He was attacked more than any other elected official, and yet accomplished amazing achievements for the American people. We need to protect his victories.
Source: 2022 Ohio Senate campaign website BernieMoreno.com , Dec 24, 2021

Confirm judges to defend Constitution and state's rights

We need to ensure that hard left judges cannot wash away Conservative, hard-fought victories. That means confirming strong, principled jurists to the bench. I will vote to confirm the men and women who will defend the constitution and state's rights to our federal judiciary.

I believe all human life is precious. I will always fight hard to protect and defend the sanctity of life.

Source: 2022 Ohio Senate campaign website BernieMoreno.com , Dec 24, 2021

Defended fellow candidate against antisemitic advertisement

A Republican Senate candidate in Ohio is doubling down on a controversial campaign ad, insisting voters need to be aware of an important fact: that the frontrunner in the primary, Josh Mandel, is Jewish. A moderator at the debate asked for [Republican Senate opponent Mark] Pukita to respond to claims that he is "antisemitic and intentionally divisive and inflammatory."

"In terms of antisemitism, all I did in an ad was pointed out that Josh is going around saying he's got the Bible in one hand and the constitution in the other. But he's Jewish," Pukita said. Pukita's response was quickly condemned by Bernie Moreno.

"Josh, nobody should question your faith. That's not right," Moreno said. "The Jewish religion, the Bible is the Bible. That was hard to hear. I'm sorry about that. That's not right. We're better than that, guys."

Pukita last month was cut out of a forum hosted by the Center for Christian Virtue after the organization deemed his radio ad to be antisemitic.

Source: Politico.com AdWatch on 2022 Ohio Senate race , Nov 11, 2021

Tried to buy Cleveland Indians to prevent name change

Moreno told Fox News that he wanted to buy the franchise because the team "means a lot to northeast Ohio" and "a lot" to the "generations" of fans "who grew up there."

"So for the name change to happen, it was just a classic example of the kind of cancel culture woke-ism that's affecting our nation," Moreno said. "And it just really bothers me that a small group of White, liberal activists can make something like that happen."

"It's the wrong decision and we want to reverse it," he continued.

Source: FOX News on 2022 Ohio Senate race , Jul 21, 2021

Stop socialism, cancel culture, & corruption

The only way we save this country is if people from outside the rigged system step in. We have to stop socialism, attacks on our liberty, cancel culture, and corruption. The career politicians won't stand up to the radical left. I will. That's what I believe, and that's why I'm running. If that interests you at all, then let's keep talking.

America is incredible--don't blow it. If you listen to the most powerful, loud forces in this country, they'd have you believe that America is fundamentally flawed. They want to extinguish what has been the beacon of freedom and liberty around the world, and they'll do anything to make it happen. It's terrifying, and we have to fight back.

Source: 2021 Ohio Senate campaign website BernieMoreno.com , Apr 19, 2021

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