Alan Keyes on Abortion

Republican challenger for IL Senate; previously Candidate for President

Running because of Obama's extreme pro-abortion votes

[In looking over Obama's] record, I was absolutely convinced that SOMEBODY had to run against Barack Obama! But if [his liberal voting record] had been the only points of difference between us, it would not have been me!

What finally caught my eye, is when I learned that he had, in April 2002, apparently cast a vote that would continue to allow live birth abortions in the state of Illinois.

Source: Senate announcement speech in Arlington Heights, Illinois Aug 8, 2004

Constitutional "posterity" implies protecting the unborn

We have to have a human life amendment. The courts have violated the terms of the Constitution. They act as if the unborn are not mentioned in the Constitution, and they lie. In the preamble to the Constitution, regarded as an important and preeminent statement of the goals and purposes and principles of the whole form of government we have, the Constitution says that our aim is to secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity. Our posterity are those not yet born.
Source: Organizational website, RenewAmerica.us, "On The Issues" Aug 3, 2004

Do everything to overthrow Roe vs. Wade to acknowledge God

I will do everything in my power to overthrow Roe vs. Wade and get us back where we belong in the acknowledgment of God. But I have made a conscious resolve, in the face of the great opportunity God has given us, starting with the integrity and courage of Roy Moore in Alabama. If we are killing our babies today, it is not just because of our lust, and not just because of our indifference, and our desire to achieve our agendas at every cost and indulge our own satisfaction and give in to our own fears.
Source: Ten Commandments rally in Lufkin, Texas Oct 1, 2003

Withdraws; job done since GOP & V.P. are both pro-life

Talk-radio host Alan Keyes will officially end his long-shot campaign for the Republican presidential nomination next week, but aides said the well-spoken conservative has not yet decided whether to endorse George W. Bush.

“His work is done now that the Republican Party has adopted a pro-life platform and pro-life running mate,” said a Keyes spokesperson. Bush announced Tuesday that Dick Cheney would be his vice presidential running mate.

Source: Reuters, in Boston Globe, p. A15 Jul 27, 2000

Not OK to kill child of 6; not OK to kill child in the womb

[Keyes offered] a civics lesson to fifth graders at a NH school today. “If I were to lose my mind right now and pick one of you up and bash your head against the floor and kill you, would that be right?”
A chorus of “No.”
“It’s wrong to kill children, isn’t it? At what age is it right to kill children? Think it was OK to kill you when you were 6?,” Keyes asked one child. The child shook his head no.
“Think it was OK to kill you when you were 6 months? You sure? Because we live in a country right now where according to some of our courts and some of our politicians, it is OK,“ Keyes said.
”Our rights come from God. We human beings don’t have the right to take away that right from any human being, including the human beings who haven’t quite got here yet. Because we have denied freedom to children in the womb who haven’t yet gotten to this world, freedom will be denied to you and to your brothers and sisters and to your children.“
Source: Boston Globe, p. A27 Jan 28, 2000

God’s choice: “Just Say No” to abortion

KEYES [to McCain]: What you would say if your daughter was ever in a position where she might need an abortion? You answered [earlier today] that the choice would be up to her and then that you’d have a family conference. That displayed a profound lack of understanding of the basic issue of principle involved in abortion. After all, if your daughter said she was contemplating killing her grandmother for the inheritance, you wouldn’t say, “Let’s have a family conference.” You’d look at her and say “Just Say No,“ because that is morally wrong. It is God’s choice that that child is in the womb. And for us to usurp that choice in contradiction of our declaration of principles is just as wrong.

McCAIN: I am proud of my pro-life record in public life, and I will continue to maintain it. I will not draw my children into this discussion. As a leader of a pro-life party with a pro-life position, I will persuade young Americans [to] understand the importance of the preservation of the rights of the unborn.

Source: (X-ref to McCain) GOP Debate in Manchester NH Jan 26, 2000

Abortion is unjust and immoral.

If the Declaration of Independence states our creed, there can be no right to abortion, since it means denying the most fundamental right of all, to human offspring in the womb. But if human beings can decide who is human and who is not, the doctrine of God-given rights is utterly corrupted. Abortion is the unjust taking of a human life and a breach of the fundamental principles of our public moral creed.
Source: www.keyes2000.org/issues/abortion.html 1/6/99 Jan 6, 1999

Mothers have no right to take a fetus’ life.

Some people talk about “viability” as a test to determine which offspring have rights that we must respect, and which do not. The mere fact that the individual in the womb is wholly in its mother’s physical power and completely dependent upon her for sustenance gives her no right whatsoever with respect to its life. Medical procedures resulting in the death of an unborn child, except as a collateral and unintended consequence of efforts to save the mother’s physical life, are therefore impermissible.
Source: www.keyes2000.org/issues/abortion.html 1/6/99 Jan 6, 1999

Abortion issue epitomizes corruption of freedom

I talk about abortion not just because of the issue in and of itself, but because I think it epitomizes the deeper issue, which is the corruption of our idea of freedom--a corruption that is really killing us. I think abortion is a very dramatic example of that corruption and its consequences, because obviously that has direct consequences for the heart that we need to sustain the family. If we harden our hearts against our offspring, and if we aggrandize our self-fulfillment to the extent that we are willing to kill our offspring, that is the extreme case of the self-centered and egotistical and self-worshipping concept of freedom I think is being promoted in various ways in the society.

We are not going to remain a free people if we arrogate to ourselves the right to destroy the rights of others. And that is exactly what we are doing when we embrace the so-called “pro-choice” agenda--which is actually just the pro-abortion agenda.

Source: Our Character, Our Future, p. 13 May 2, 1996

Only exception is to preserve life of mother

I MAKE an exception only for the physical life of the mother. Given the unalienable right to life (i.e., self-preservation) I see no way in principle to avoid making this exception. I would ACCEPT the rape and incest exceptions only as a matter of political necessity if that is the best legislation we could achieve at the time. I see no grounds in principle for making these exceptions, but as a matter of political prudence it would be suicidal for the pro-life movement to reject these people.
Source: Letter to David Quackenbush Jun 30, 1995

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