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Books by and about 2020 presidential candidates
Crippled America,
by Donald J. Trump (2015)
by Cory Booker (2016)
The Truths We Hold,
by Kamala Harris (2019)
Smart on Crime,
by Kamala Harris (2010)
Guide to Political Revolution,
by Bernie Sanders (2017)
Where We Go From Here,
by Bernie Sanders (2018)
Promise Me, Dad ,
by Joe Biden (2017)
Conscience of a Conservative,
by Jeff Flake (2017)
Two Paths,
by Gov. John Kasich (2017)
Every Other Monday,
by Rep. John Kasich (2010)
Courage is Contagious,
by John Kasich (1998)
Shortest Way Home,
by Pete Buttigieg (2019)
The Book of Joe ,
by Jeff Wilser (2019; biography of Joe Biden)
by Michelle Obama (2018)
Our Revolution,
by Bernie Sanders (2016)
This Fight Is Our Fight,
by Elizabeth Warren (2017)
Higher Loyalty,
by James Comey (2018)
The Making of Donald Trump,
by David Cay Johnston (2017)
Books by and about the 2016 presidential election
What Happened ,
by Hillary Clinton (2017)
Higher Loyalty ,
by James Comey (2018)
Trump vs. Hillary On The Issues ,
by Jesse Gordon (2016)
Hard Choices,
by Hillary Clinton (2014)
Becoming ,
by Michelle Obama (2018)
Outsider in the White House,
by Bernie Sanders (2015)

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Winners and Losers
Senate candidates from Washington

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    from Past and present Senate candidates from Washington (number of quotes indicated):
  • Al Franken (2) Democrat/DFL Jr Senator (resigned 2017) Minnesota
  • Amanda Curtis (1) Democratic Challenger Montana
  • Bob Casey (2) Democratic Sr Senator; previously state treasurer Pennsylvania
  • Bob Marshall (4) Former Republican Senate Challenger (2012) Virginia
  • Bob McDonnell (1) Virginia Republican Governor
  • Brad Ellsworth (2) 2010 Democratic Challenger Indiana
  • Brian Sandoval (1) Nevada Republican Governor
  • Bruce Braley (1) Democratic Challenger Iowa
  • Bruce Guthrie (5) Libertarian Challenger (2006) Washington
  • Catherine Cortez Masto (3) Democratic Senate candidate Nevada
  • Chris Vance (12) Republican Senate challenger Washington
  • Cindy Hyde-Smith (1) Republican candidate for Mississippi U. S. Senator Mississippi
  • Colleen Hanabusa (1) Hawaii Democratic candidate for Hawaii Governor
  • Corey Stewart (1) Republican candidate for Virginia U.S. Senator Virginia
  • Cory Booker (1) New Jersey Mayor of Newark
  • Cory Gardner (1) Republican Senate challenger Colorado
  • Daniel Coats (3) Indiana Director of National Intelligence
  • Dave Strider (20) Independent candidate for Washington U. S. Senator Washington
  • David Alameel (2) Democratic Senate Challenger Texas
  • Duf Sundheim (5) Republican Senate challenger California
  • Ed Gillespie (3) Virginia Republican 2017 Gubernatorial candidate
  • Eric Brakey (1) GOP Candidate for U.S Senate from Maine Maine
  • Gabriel Gomez (1) Republican Challenger Massachusetts
  • Gene Truono (2) Republican candidate for Delaware U.S. Senator Delaware
  • George Allen (13) Republican
  • Jamie Radtke (5) Former Republican Senate Challenger (2012) Virginia
  • Jeff Flake (4) Republican Challenger (retiring) Arizona
  • Jeff Merkley (1) Democratic Jr Senator Oregon
  • Jennifer Ferguson (1) Democratic candidate for Washington U.S. Senator Washington
  • Joe Manchin III (8) West Virginia Former Democratic Governor (Until 2010)
  • Joe Miller (1) Challenger and previous Republican Nominee Alaska
  • John McCain (1) Republican
  • John Raese (6) Republican Senate Challenger West Virginia
  • John Sanchez (1) New Mexico Republican Lt. Governor
  • Joni Ernst (1) Republican Challenger Iowa
  • Kay Hagan (1) Democratic Jr Senator North Carolina
  • Kyrsten Sinema (1) Democratic candidate for Arizona U.S. Senator Arizona
  • Lee Fisher (2) 2010 Democratic Senate Challenger; currently Lt. Gov. Ohio
  • Marco Rubio (1) FL Senator; Republican Presidential candidate
  • Maria Cantwell (7) Democratic Jr Senator Washington
  • Mark Warner (1) Virginia Former Democratic Governor (2002-2006); elected Senator 2008
  • Michael Bennet (1) Democratic Jr Senator Colorado
  • Mike Espy (1) Democratic candidate for Mississippi U. S. Senator Mississippi
  • Mike Luke (21) Libertarian candidate for Washington U. S. Senator Washington
  • Mike McFadden (3) Republican Challenger Minnesota
  • Mike McGavick (5) Republican challenger (2006) Washington
  • Nick Freitas (1) Republican candidate for Virginia U. S. Senator Virginia
  • Patrick Morrisey (1) Republican candidate for West Virginia U.S. Senator West Virginia
  • Patrick Murphy (1) Democratic Senate candidate Florida
  • Patty Murray (2) Democratic Sr Senator Washington
  • Richard Carmona (5) Democratic Challenger Arizona
  • Rob Portman (2) Republican 2016 Primary Challenger
  • Ron Johnson (2) Republican Sr Senator Wisconsin
  • Russell Feingold (2) Democrat
  • Scott Brown (2) Previously MA Republican Jr Senator New Hampshire
  • Sean Haugh (1) Libertarian Senate challenger North Carolina
  • Steve Stockman (3) Republican challenger (Lost primary) Texas
  • Susan Hutchison (16) Republican candidate for Washington U. S. Senator Washington
  • Ted Strickland (1) Ohio Former Democratic Governor (2006-2010)
  • Terri Lynn Land (1) Republican Challenger Michigan
  • Thom Tillis (2) Republican Challenger North Carolina
  • Tim Kaine (6) Virginia Democratic Nominee for Vice President
  • Tim Scott (1) Republican Senator-Appointee South Carolina
  • Tom Cotton (3) Republican Senate challenger Arkansas
  • Tom Del Beccaro (3) Republican Senate challenger California
  • Travis Childers (1) Democratic Senate challenger Mississippi
    OR click on an issue category below for a subset.
  • Columbia Basin Herald, "Senate candidate speaks in Moses Lake," by Charles H. Featherstone, November 10, 2021
  • American Mideast Coalition for Democracy, "Smiley Condemns the Biden Administration's Lifting of Iranian Sanctions," June 11, 2021
  • KTTH 770AM, "Challenger to Sen. Murray wants to 'empower our people,' not the government," Apr 16, 2021
     OnTheIssues.org excerpts:  (click on issues for details)
        Dave Strider: A woman's body is her choice.
        Nick Freitas: Blames abortion industry for broken homes & criminal society.
        Mike Luke: Define life at conception; abortion is repugnant.
        Chris Vance: Keep existing Washington state law on abortion rights.
        Chris Vance: Not running to change laws on abortion.
        Duf Sundheim: Right to abortion is a gating issues.
        Patty Murray: Let women resolve with partner, doctor, and religion.
        Cory Gardner: Make "the pill" available without a prescription.
        Mike McFadden: Make contraceptives available without a prescription.
        Susan Hutchison: Will uphold exiting laws on abortion.
        Bruce Guthrie: Iím pro-choice; medical freedom is an individual right.
        Maria Cantwell: Roe v. Wade is US law and WA law, so uphold it.
        Mike McGavick: No partial-birth; no taxpayer funding; yes parental consent.
    Budget & Economy
        Susan Hutchison: Tax cuts led the way to economic growth & more jobs.
        Dave Strider: Sustainable recovery requires more federal spending.
        Mike Luke: Blames inflation on the Federal Reserve banking system.
        Mike Luke: Balance the budget; cut the fat; allow no sacred cows.
        Chris Vance: Deficit-reduction plan like Simpson-Bowles commission.
        Tim Kaine: Tea Party's reckless economic policies create uncertainty.
        George Allen: Stimulus spending failed to create promised jobs.
        Jamie Radtke: If we do not deal with spending, nothing else matters.
        Russell Feingold: 41-point plan to help control federal spending.
        Russell Feingold: 41-point plan to help control federal spending.
        Joe Manchin III: Constitutional amendment requiring balanced budget.
        John Raese: Constitutional amendment requiring balanced budget.
    Civil Rights
        Susan Hutchison: History of fighting for equal rights for women in workplace.
        Dave Strider: Comfortable with same-sex marriage.
        Mike Luke: States & Feds shouldn't define marriage, including same-sex.
        Mike Luke: Don't require businesses to cater to same-sex couples.
        Gene Truono: Constitution's inferred rights cover LGBT rights.
        Corey Stewart: Unfair to condemn only white nationalists.
        Kyrsten Sinema: Co-chair Congressional LGBT Equality Caucus.
        Chris Vance: Not running to change laws on same-sex marriage.
        Duf Sundheim: Supports same-sex marriage.
        Amanda Curtis: Outspoken advocate for labor unions and women's rights.
        Joni Ernst: Endorsed by RightNOW Women PAC to escape "war on women".
        Mike McFadden: Gay marriage ok; but I'm personally for traditional marriage.
        Catherine Cortez Masto: Let Nevada ban same-sex marriage; it's will of the people.
        Catherine Cortez Masto: States ban bigamy & incest, so why not same-sex marriage?
        George Allen: Gay judges ok; activist judges not ok.
        Bob Marshall: Blocked gay judge's nomination.
        Tim Kaine: No discrimination against nominating gay judges.
        Mike Luke: Wants private and government debt both treated the same.
        Tom Cotton: AdWatch: Worked as management consultant, not in insurance.
        George Allen: Encourage corporations to repatriate their foreign earnings.
        George Allen: Focus on small business and job creation.
        Ron Johnson: I'd be the only manufacturer in the Senate.
        Ron Johnson: I'd be the only manufacturer in the Senate.
        Joe Manchin III: Endorsed by U.S. Chamber of Commerce.
        Rob Portman: More favorable policy: encourage business development.
        Dave Strider: I have seen too much police control.
        Mike Luke: Repeal laws that punish people without due process.
        Susan Hutchison: Strengthen federal prosecution in opioid drug crisis.
        Dave Strider: Allow military honorable discharge after marijuana use.
        Mike Luke: Wants to stop all federal regulation of marijuana.
        Chris Vance: Keep existing Washington state law on legal marijuana.
        Chris Vance: Not running to change laws on marijuana.
        Jeff Merkley: Positives of pot legalization outweigh the negatives.
        Susan Hutchison: Good education is the surest way out of poverty.
        Dave Strider: Vouchers are just a precursor to additional segregation.
        Mike Luke: Abolish the US Department of Education.
        Brian Sandoval: Supports Education Savings Accounts and school choice.
        Catherine Cortez Masto: Opposes Education Savings Accounts and school choice.
        Kay Hagan: Repeatedly stressed support for public schools.
        Jamie Radtke: Would vote against No Child Left Behind as too expensive.
        George Allen: Froze college tuition while governor.
    Energy & Oil
        Dave Strider: In 6 years we could be free of carbon-based fuels.
        Patrick Morrisey: Fought against clean power rules.
        Mike Luke: Human activity isn't contributing to climate change.
        Chris Vance: No carbon taxes, but reduce carbon emissions.
        George Allen: Energy independence instead of cap-and-trade.
        Susan Hutchison: States should manage their own natural resources, not feds.
        Dave Strider: Let EPA prosecute those poisoning water in cities.
    Families & Children
        Jennifer Ferguson: Wants families represented by those not in the oligarchy.
    Foreign Policy
        Susan Hutchison: Supports moving U.S. Embassy to Israel's capital Jerusalem.
        Dave Strider: My family has been in North America since 1737.
        Eric Brakey: Crazy that we have our troops in 177 different countries.
    Free Trade
        Susan Hutchison: Free and fair trade must start with an even playing field.
        Dave Strider: I support fair trade not free trade.
        Mike Luke: Be selective on which nations we do business with.
        Chris Vance: Promoting trade creates economic growth and recovery.
        Duf Sundheim: Inclined to support Trans-Pacific Partnership trade pact.
        Patty Murray: Trans-Pacific Partnership important for Washington economy.
        Brad Ellsworth: NAFTA has cost Indiana jobs.
        Daniel Coats: Trade barriers would hurt Indiana.
        Lee Fisher: More stringent policy: discourage companies moving overseas.
    Government Reform
        Susan Hutchison: Term limits on elected officials, to stop the corruption.
        Dave Strider: Proper ID for voter registration.
        Mike Luke: No surveillance of people; but surveillance of government ok.
        Mike Luke: All levels of government should practice what they preach.
        Jamie Radtke: Country's biggest problem is activist judges.
        George Allen: Sexual orientation not a factor in judges' qualifications.
        George Allen: Judges shouldn't invent law or impose their political views.
        John Raese: Federal earmarks create career politicians.
    Gun Control
        Susan Hutchison: Supports 2nd Amendment; existing laws need to be enforced.
        Dave Strider: Background checks: no license for felons or other red flags.
        Mike Luke: All non-incarcerated people have right to bear arms.
        Maria Cantwell: Close the background loophole and deal with mental health.
        Maria Cantwell: People on no-fly list shouldn't be able to own a gun.
        Patrick Murphy: More background checks: close the terrorist gun loophole.
        Ted Strickland: 2010: Pro-gun & NRA endorsed; 2016: end gun epidemic.
        Ed Gillespie: Fight UN gun ban treaty, & fight bans on guns or ammunition.
        Mark Warner: Restrict but don't ban high-capacity magazines.
        Steve Stockman: The best gun lubricant around is Liberal Tears.
        Steve Stockman: 1993: Opposed federal raid on the Branch Davidian compound.
        Mike Espy: Appeared in advertisement in support of NRA.
    Health Care
        Susan Hutchison: ObamaCare will lead to socialized medicine.
        Dave Strider: Single-Payer fully funded by the Federal government.
        Mike Luke: Repeal ObamaCare & leave healthcare to states.
        Duf Sundheim: Some aspects of ObamaCare ok, but rest is a boondoggle.
        Tom Cotton: AdWatch: No, Cotton won't end Medicare guarantee.
        George Allen: I want to be the deciding vote to repeal ObamaCare.
        Tim Kaine: Inaction was not a solution for healthcare.
        Richard Carmona: Indignity of being poor patient in hospital sensitizes me.
        Jeff Flake: ObamaCare is a heavy anchor to drag around.
        Joe Manchin III: Opposes requiring individuals or businesses to buy insurance.
        Joe Manchin III: Prohibit denying coverage for pre-existing conditions.
        John Raese: ObamaCare is worst bill to ever come out of Congress.
        John Raese: ObamaCare is pure, unadulterated socialism.
    Homeland Security
        Jeff Flake: Cut $475M from unwanted littoral combat ship.
        John McCain: Long-time foe of LCS, littoral combat ship.
        Susan Hutchison: Expand depleted military to increase readiness.
        Dave Strider: Funds for veterans, not waging war for profits.
        Mike Luke: End all military spending in other nations.
        Michael Bennet: Mixed history on transferring Gitmo prisoners to US prisons.
        Tom Del Beccaro: Terrorists believe in terrorism; we can't persuade them.
        Al Franken: Worked since 2009 on fighting ISIS recruitment in Minn.
        Mike McFadden: Combat propaganda & recruiting by the Islamic State.
        Tom Cotton: AdWatch: No sense of entitlement from serving in military.
        Bob Marshall: Against "don't ask, don't tell" as Navy officer in 1990s.
        George Allen: Military readiness more important than congressional consent.
        George Allen: More concerned with army's readiness than war authorization.
        Bob Casey: Support sanctuary cities like Philadelphia.
        Susan Hutchison: Build border wall and block illegal entry.
        Dave Strider: All illegal immigrants since genocide of Native Americans.
        Mike Luke: Discourage illegals by stopping welfare benefits.
        Chris Vance: 20,000 more border patrol officers, plus path to legality.
        Duf Sundheim: Path to legal status without executive action.
        Travis Childers: Signed anti-amnesty pledge: don't reward lawbreakers.
        Al Franken: Apologize for stripping citizenship for marrying foreigners.
        Gabriel Gomez: Make the Senate "Gang of Eight" a "Gang of Nine".
        Tim Kaine: Make it easier for foreign students to get green cards.
        Jeff Flake: Secure the border; then comprehensive reform.
        Jeff Flake: SB1070 was imprudent & unconstitutional, but let it stand.
        Marco Rubio: GOP DREAM Act: visas for going to college or military.
        Richard Carmona: Vitriolic 'deport everybody' message loses Hispanics.
        John Sanchez: Combat employment of illegals, after caught doing so.
        Daniel Coats: Voted for amnesty 26 years ago; against a dozen times since.
        Dave Strider: Affirmative action is abused in scope & enforcement.
        Cory Booker: $1,000 tax credit for job-training apprenticeships.
        Tim Scott: $1,000 tax credit for job-training apprenticeships.
        John Raese: My forte is creating jobs.
    Principles & Values
        Bob Casey: Dubbed "Sleeping Bob" for anti-Trump obstructionism.
        Dave Strider: Forced faith is as hollow as a rotted tree.
        Cindy Hyde-Smith: Follows Trump principles to "make America great again".
        Thom Tillis: A self-made man who grew up in a trailer park.
        Sean Haugh: YouTube-based campaign as Libertarian party nominee.
        David Alameel: Defeated LaRouche Democrat in primary.
        Terri Lynn Land: AdWatch: Grew up in a trailer park, then managed motels.
        Bob McDonnell: Indicted on corruption charges days after leaving office.
        Colleen Hanabusa: OpEd: Too old to build seniority to steer pork to Hawaii.
        Richard Carmona: Seeks to earn the respect of disenfranchised populations.
        Joe Miller: "I was beyond stupid" to rig poll with colleagues' computers.
        Joe Manchin III: My forte is creating jobs; I'll bring spirit of capitalism.
        Joe Manchin III: To Raese: Mr. Obama's name will not be on the ballot!
        Scott Brown: $1.3 million in 24 hours via Internet "Money Bomb" appeal.
        Susan Hutchison: Defines herself by her values, starting with love of country.
        Bruce Guthrie: Voters were disgusted in 2004 and 60% did not vote.
        Maria Cantwell: Voted for Kerry in 2004; he matched Northwest values.
        Mike McGavick: Voted for Bush in 2004; to defeat radical Islamic terrorism.
    Social Security
        Dave Strider: Anyone wanting to privatize Soc.Sec. are nothing but thieves.
        Mike Luke: Opposes personal retirement accounts.
        Chris Vance: Increase retirement age; change benefit programs.
        Bruce Braley: Privatizing Social Security turns it over to Wall Street.
        George Allen: Raise retirement age & end benefits to wealthy.
        Tim Kaine: Lift the payroll tax cap.
        Brad Ellsworth: Don't raise the retirement age; put people to work instead.
        Daniel Coats: Save Social Security from itself; increase age & more.
        Lee Fisher: No benefit cuts; don't raise retirement age.
        Rob Portman: Bush's proposal was sound, but I'm not for privatization.
        Bruce Guthrie: First, we must keep our promises to our senior citizens.
        Bruce Guthrie: Personal accounts if under 25; opt-out if under 50.
        Maria Cantwell: Tax cut on $1.2M earners would keep system solvent 75 years.
        Maria Cantwell: Keep progressivity and guaranteed benefit.
        Mike McGavick: Cantwell opposes new ideas but has no Soc. Sec. plan.
        Mike McGavick: Personal accounts for younger workers, but not privatized.
    Tax Reform
        Susan Hutchison: Simple & fair tax code instead of head tax and carbon tax.
        Dave Strider: Supports higher taxes on the wealthy.
        Gene Truono: Tax reform will be one of his top 3 issues for advocacy.
        Mike Luke: Eliminate inheritance taxes; decrease middle-income taxes.
        Chris Vance: Reform our tax code to create jobs.
        Chris Vance: Tax increases on the wealthy Americans and a higher gas tax.
        Ed Gillespie: Believes in conservative ideas of lower taxes.
        Joe Manchin III: Don't mess with or increase taxes during a time of turmoil.
        John Raese: Make tax cuts permanent, even for earners over $250K.
        Susan Hutchison: Wants federal infrastructure dollars for 21st century needs.
        George Allen: No online sales tax for out-of-state websites.
        Tim Kaine: Force online retailers to collect sales taxes.
        Richard Carmona: Criticized Bush for placing politics ahead of science.
        Joe Manchin III: States depend on federal government for key infrastructure.
    War & Peace
        Dave Strider: We are a Republic not an Empire.
        Mike Luke: We waste blood & treasure on unnecessary conflict.
        Tom Del Beccaro: Nuke deal solidifies Iran conventional military gains.
        Tom Del Beccaro: Mideast was more stable with U.S. troops in Iraq.
        Bob Marshall: No US military in Libyan war without congressional consent.
        Jamie Radtke: No US military in Libyan war without congressional consent.
        Bob Marshall: Opposes sending troops overseas without declaration of war.
        Jamie Radtke: Opposes sending troops overseas without declaration of war.
        Scott Brown: Terrorists are not gone from Afghanistan.
        Ed Gillespie: As Bush spokesperson, defended Iraqi surge & al Qaeda link.
        Bruce Guthrie: Iraq is in civil war; bring the troops home.
        Maria Cantwell: Change the course in Iraq; we canít stay indefinitely.
        Mike McGavick: Cannot give Iraq to the terrorists or theyíll follow us here.
    Welfare & Poverty
        Mike Luke: Stop the welfare spending and identify the waste and fraud.
        David Alameel: I don't see upward mobility for the middle class.
        Thom Tillis: No government assistance for those who can help themselves.
        Steve Stockman: 1990s: Homeless in Fort Worth's Water Gardens park.
        Richard Carmona: Experienced poverty and homelessness as child in Harlem.

    The above quotations are from Winners and Losers
    Senate candidates from Washington.

    Senatorial winners and losers in each state:

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