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    This page contains bill sponsorships in the Senate and House. Bill sponsorships indicate the topics that legislators are most interested in, and spend the most time on.

05-S1495 on Jul 26, 2005

Bill Sponsorship: prohibiting non-legislated earmarks
Source: Obligation of Funds Transparency Act (S.1495/H.R.1642)
OFFICIAL CONGRESSIONAL SUMMARY: A bill to prohibit Federal agencies from obligating funds for appropriations earmarks included only in congressional reports.

SPONSOR'S INTRODUCTORY REMARKS: Sen. McCAIN: This bill would prohibit Federal agencies from obligating funds which have been earmarked only in congressional reports. This legislation is designed to help reign in unauthorized, unrequested, run-of-the-mill pork barrel projects.

Report language does not have the force of law. That fact has been lost when it comes to appropriations bills and reports. It has become a standard practice to load up committee reports with literally billions of dollars in unrequested, unauthorized, and wasteful pork barrel projects.

We simply must start making some very tough decisions around here if we are serious about improving our fiscal future. It is simply not fiscally responsible for us to continue to load up appropriations bills with wasteful and unnecessary spending, and good deals for special interests and their lobbyists. We have had ample opportunities to tighten our belts in this town in recent years, and we have taken a pass each and every time. We can't put off the inevitable any longer.

LEGISLATIVE OUTCOME:Referred to Senate Subcommittee on Federal Financial Management & Government Information; hearings held; never came to a vote.

  • Topic: Government Reform
  • Headline: Prohibit non-legislated earmarks
  • Headline 2: Sponsored bill prohibiting non-legislated earmarks

  • Key for participation codes:
  • Sponsorships: p=sponsored; o=co-sponsored; s=signed
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  • Resolutions: i=introduced; w=wrote; a=adopted
  • Cases: w=wrote; j=joined; d=dissented; c=concurred
  • Surveys: '+' supports; '-' opposes.

Democrats participating in 05-S1495

Rob Andrews s1oNew Jersey Democrat 
Melissa Bean s1oIllinois Democrat (Unseated 2010) 
Xavier Becerra s1oCalifornia Democrat 
Earl Blumenauer s1oOregon Democrat 
Dennis Cardoza s1oCalifornia Democrat (Retiring 2012) 
Ed Case s1oHawaii Democrat 
Jim Cooper s1oTennessee Democrat 
Peter Defazio s1oOregon Democrat 
Anna Eshoo s1oCalifornia Democrat 
Bob Filner s1oCalifornia Democrat (Mayoral run 2011) 
Barney Frank s1oMassachusetts Democrat (Retiring 2012) 
Raul Grijalva s1oArizona Democrat 
George Miller s1oCalifornia Democrat 
Eleanor Holmes Norton s1oDistrict of Columbia Democrat 
Loretta Sanchez s1oCalifornia Democrat 
Pete Stark s1oCalifornia Democrat 
Mark Udall s1oCO Democratic Sr Senator; previously Representative 
Henry Waxman s1oCalifornia Democrat 

Republicans participating in 05-S1495

Todd Akin s1oMissouri Republican (Senate run 2012) 
Spencer Bachus s1oAlabama Republican 
Gresham Barrett s1oSouth Carolina Republican (until 2010) 
Roscoe Bartlett s1oMaryland Republican 
Charlie Bass s1oNew Hampshire Republican (Retired 2012) 
Bob Beauprez s1oColorado Republican 
Jeb Bradley s1oNew Hampshire Republican 
Steve Chabot s1oOhio Republican 
Chris Chocola s1oIndiana Republican 
Tom Coburn s2iOK Republican Jr Senator; previously Representative 
Jeff Flake s2pArizona Republican (Senate run 2012) 
Trent Franks s1oArizona Republican 
Scott Garrett s1oNew Jersey Republican 
Phil Gingrey s1oGA Republican Challenger 
Mark Green s1oWisconsin Republican 
Gil Gutknecht s1oMinnesota Republican 
Katherine Harris s1oFL Republican challenger (2006); Former US Representative 
Melissa Hart s1oPennsylvania Republican 
Jeb Hensarling s1oTexas Republican 
Bob Inglis s1oSouth Carolina Republican (until 2010) 
Sam Johnson s1oTexas Republican 
Walter Beaman Jones s1oNorth Carolina Republican 
Ric Keller s1oFlorida Republican (Unseated 2008) 
Mark Kennedy s1oMinnesota Republican (until 2006) 
Steve King s1oIowa Republican 
John Kline s1oMinnesota Republican 
Jon Kyl s1oAZ Republican Jr Senator (Retiring) 
Jim Leach s1oIowa Republican 
Ron Lewis s1oKentucky Republican (Retiring 2008) 
Dan Lungren s1oCalifornia Republican 
Connie Mack s1oFL Former Republican Senator (until 2000) 
Kenny Marchant s1oTexas Republican 
John McCain s2pAZ Republican Sr Senator 
Michael McCaul s1oTexas Republican 
Jeff Miller s1oFlorida Republican 
Jerry Moran s1oKansas Republican (until 2010) 
Marilyn Musgrave s1oColorado Republican (Unseated 2008) 
Sue Myrick s1oNorth Carolina Republican (Retiring 2012) 
Charlie Norwood s1oGeorgia Republican 
Mike Pence s1oIN Republican Governor 
Tom Petri s1oWisconsin Republican 
Joseph Pitts s1oPennsylvania Republican 
Todd Platts s1oPennsylvania Republican (Retiring 2012) 
Ted Poe s1oTexas Republican 
Tom Price s1oGeorgia Republican 
Jim Ramstad s1oMinnesota Republican (Retiring 2008) 
Dana Rohrabacher s1oCalifornia Republican 
Paul Ryan s1oPOTUS Republican 
John Shadegg s1oArizona Republican 
Christopher Shays s1oConnecticut Republican (Unseated 2008) 
Rob Simmons s1oConnecticut Republican 
Tom Tancredo s1oColorado Republican Governor challenger 
Todd Tiahrt s1oKansas Republican (until 2010) 
Zach Wamp s1oTennessee Republican (until 2010) 
Lynn Westmoreland s1oGeorgia Republican 

Independents participating in 05-S1495

Ginny Brown-Waite s1oFlorida Former GOP (until 2010) 
Tom Feeney s1oFlorida Former GOP 
Harold Ford s1oNY 2010 Democratic Primary Challenger; previously US Rep (TN) 
Luis Fortuno s1oPuerto Rico At-Large (retired 2008) 
John Hostettler s1oIN 2010 Senate Challenger (lost GOP primary); formerly US Rep. 
George Radanovich s1oCalifornia Former GOP (until 2010) 

Total recorded by OnTheIssues:

Democrats: 18
Republicans: 55
Independents: 6

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