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    This page lists memberships in organizations, for elected officials. Each organization determines its own rules for membership.

01-CIC1 on Jan 1, 2001

Membership Roster: of the Congressional Internet Caucus:
Source: Congressional Internet Caucus web site, NetCaucus.org
Founded in the spring of 1996, the Congressional Internet Caucus is a bipartisan group of over 150 members of the House and Senate working to educate their colleagues about the promise and potential of the Internet. The Caucus also encourages Members to utilize the Internet in communications with constituents and supports efforts to put more government documents online. The Internet Caucus Advisory Committee and the Internet Education Foundation host regular events and forums for policymakers, the press, and the public to discuss important Internet-related policy issues.
    Membership in the Congressional Internet Caucus is open to any Member of Congress who pledges support for the following goals:
  • Promoting growth and advancement of the Internet
  • Providing a bicameral, bipartisan forum for Internet concerns to be raised
  • Promoting the education of Members of Congress and their staffs about the Internet
  • Promoting commerce and free flow of information on the Internet
  • Advancing the United States' world leadership in the digital world
  • Maximizing the openness of and participation in government by the people.

  • Topic: Technology
  • Headline: Promote internet via Congressional Internet Caucus

  • Key for participation codes:
  • Sponsorships: p=sponsored; o=co-sponsored; s=signed
  • Memberships: c=chair; m=member; e=endorsed; f=profiled; s=scored
  • Resolutions: i=introduced; w=wrote; a=adopted
  • Cases: w=wrote; j=joined; d=dissented; c=concurred
  • Surveys: '+' supports; '-' opposes.

Democrats participating in 01-CIC1

Gary Ackerman s1mNew York Dem./Ind./Lib. (Retiring 2012) 
Tom Barrett s1mWisconsin Democrat 
Max Baucus s1mMT Democratic Sr Senator (retiring 2014) 
Howard Berman s1mCalifornia Democrat 
Rod Blagojevich s1mIL Former Democrat Governor (2003-2009) 
Earl Blumenauer s1mOregon Democrat 
Rick Boucher s1cVirginia Democrat (until 2010) 
Barbara Boxer s1mCA Democratic Jr Senator 
Sherrod Brown s1mOH Democratic Sr Senator 
Maria Cantwell s1mWA Democratic Jr Senator 
Eva Clayton s1mNorth Carolina Democrat (Until 2004) 
Bob Clement s1mTennessee Democrat 
John Conyers s1mMichigan Democrat 
Jon Corzine s1mNJ Former Democrat (until 2009) 
Bud Cramer s1mAlabama Democrat (Retired 2008) 
Joseph Crowley s1mNew York Democrat 
Jim Davis s1mFlorida Democrat 
Peter Defazio s1mOregon Democrat 
Diana DeGette s1mColorado Democrat 
Bill Delahunt s1mMassachusetts Democrat (until 2010) 
Rosa DeLauro s1mConnecticut Democrat 
Peter Deutsch s1mFL Former Democratic Senate challenger (2004); US Rep. 
Mike Doyle s1mPennsylvania Democrat 
Richard Durbin s1mIL Democratic Sr Senator 
John Edwards s1mNC Former Democrat Senator; retired to run for President, 2004 
Anna Eshoo s1mCalifornia Democrat 
Bob Etheridge s1mNorth Carolina Democrat (Unseated 2010) 
Sam Farr s1mCalifornia Democrat 
Bob Filner s1mCalifornia Democrat (Mayoral run 2011) 
Barney Frank s1mMassachusetts Democrat (Retiring 2012) 
Bart Gordon s1mTennessee Democrat (until 2010) 
Gene Green s1mTexas Democrat 
Jane Harman s1mCalifornia Democrat (Resigned 2011) 
Maurice Hinchey s1mNew York Dem/Working-Fam.(Retired 2012) 
Fritz Hollings s1mSC Former Democratic Sr Senator; retired 2004 
Rush Holt s1mNew Jersey Democrat 
Mike Honda s1mCalifornia Democrat 
Darlene Hooley s1mOregon Democrat (Retiring 2008) 
Jay Inslee s1mWA Democratic Governor 
Sheila Jackson Lee s1mTexas Democrat 
Tim Johnson s1mSD Democratic Sr Senator (retiring 2014) 
Patrick Kennedy s1mRhode Island Democrat (until 2010) 
Ted Kennedy s1mMA Democratic Senator (until 2009) 
John Kerry s1mMA Democratic Sr Senator 
James Langevin s1mRhode Island Democrat 
John Larson s1mConnecticut Democrat 
Patrick Leahy s1cVT Democratic Sr Senator 
Carl Levin s1mMI Democratic Sr Senator (retiring 2014) 
Zoe Lofgren s1mCalifornia Democrat 
Nita Lowey s1mNew York Democrat 
Ken Lucas s1mKentucky Democrat (Until 2004) 
Bill Luther s1mMinnesota Democrat/Farmer/Labor 
Carolyn Maloney s1mNew York Democrat/Liberal 
Jim Maloney s1mConnecticut Democrat (retired) 
Ed Markey s1mMA Democratic Challenger 
Robert Matsui s1mCalifornia Former Democrat (deceased) 
Carolyn McCarthy s1mNew York Dem./Ind./Working-Families 
Karen McCarthy s1mMissouri Democrat (Until 2004) 
Betty McCollum s1mMinnesota Democrat 
Michael McNulty s1mNew York Dem./Cons. (Retiring 2008) 
Gregory Meeks s1mNew York Dem./Working-Families 
Juanita Millender-McDonald s1mCalifornia Democrat 
Joe Moakley s1mMassachusetts Democrat (until 2001) 
Dennis Moore s1mKansas Democrat (until 2010) 
James Moran s1mVirginia Democrat 
Patty Murray s1mWA Democratic Sr Senator 
Jerrold Nadler s1mNew York Dem./Lib./Working-Families 
Eleanor Holmes Norton s1mDistrict of Columbia Democrat 
John Olver s1mMassachusetts Democrat (Retiring 2012) 
Frank Pallone s1mNew Jersey Democrat 
Nancy Pelosi s1mCalifornia Democrat 
Collin Peterson s1mMinnesota Democrat/Farmer/Labor 
Harry Reid s1mNV Democratic Sr Senator 
Silvestre Reyes s1mTexas Democrat 
Lynn Nancy Rivers s1mMichigan Democrat 
Martin Sabo s1mMinnesota Democrat/Farmer/Labor 
Loretta Sanchez s1mCalifornia Democrat 
Charles Schumer s1mNY Democratic Sr Senator 
Jose Serrano s1mNew York Democrat/Liberal 
Ronnie Shows s1mMississippi Democrat 
Louise Slaughter s1mNew York Democrat 
David Adam Smith s1mWashington Democrat 
Vic Snyder s1mArkansas Former Democrat (until 2010) 
Debbie Stabenow s1mMI Democratic Jr Senator 
John Tanner s1mTennessee Democrat (until 2010) 
Bob Torricelli s1mNJ Former Democratic Senator 
Mark Udall s1mCO Democratic Sr Senator; previously Representative 
Tom Udall s1mNew Mexico Democrat (Senate 2008) 
Henry Waxman s1mCalifornia Democrat 
Anthony Weiner s1mNew York Former Democrat(Resigned 2011) 
Robert Wexler s1mFlorida Democrat (resigned Jan. 2010) 
Lynn Woolsey s1mCalifornia Democrat (Retiring 2012) 
David Wu s1mOregon Democrat (Resigned 2011) 
Ron Wyden s1mOR Democratic Sr Senator 

Republicans participating in 01-CIC1

Spencer Bachus s1mAlabama Republican 
Joe Linus Barton s1mTexas Republican 
Robert Bennett s1mUT Former Republican Senator 
Judy Biggert s1mIllinois Republican 
Sherry Boehlert s1mNew York Republican/Independence 
Mary Bono s1mCalifornia Republican 
Sam Brownback s1mKS Republican Governor 
Conrad Burns s1cMT Former Republican Senator (MT, 1989-2007) 
Richard Burr s1mNC Republican Sr Senator; previously Representative 
Ben Nighthorse Campbell s1mCO Former Republican incumbent; retired 2004 
Chris Cannon s1mUtah Republican 
Christopher Cox s1mCalifornia Republican 
Larry Craig s1mID Former Republican Senator (until 2008) 
Michael Crapo s1mID Republican Sr Senator 
Duke Cunningham s1mCalifornia Republican 
Tom Davis s1mVirginia Republican (Retiring 2008) 
Nathan Deal s1mGA Republican Governor 
Tom DeLay s1mTexas Republican 
David Dreier s1mCalifornia Republican (Retiring 2012) 
Jennifer Dunn s1mWashington Republican (Until 2004) 
Vernon Ehlers s1mMichigan Republican (until 2010) 
Jo Ann Emerson s1mMissouri Republican (Resigned 2013) 
Michael Enzi s1mWY Republican Sr Senator 
Bill Frist s1mPOTUS Republican 
George Gekas s1mPennsylvania Republican 
Jim Gibbons s1mNevada Republican 
Paul Gillmor s1mOhio Republican (Deceased 2007) 
Bob Goodlatte s1cVirginia Republican 
Kay Granger s1mTexas Republican 
Jim Greenwood s1mPennsylvania Republican (Until 2004) 
Melissa Hart s1mPennsylvania Republican 
Denny Hastert s1mIllinois Republican (Retired 2007) 
Steve Horn s1mCalifornia Republican 
Tim Hutchinson s1mAR Former Republican Sr Senator (until 2002) 
Kay Bailey Hutchison s1mTX Republican Sr Senator (Retiring) 
Johnny Isakson s1mGA Republican Jr Senator; previously Representative 
Ernest Istook s1mOklahoma Republican 
Nancy Lee Johnson s1mConnecticut Republican 
Timothy Johnson s1mIllinois Republican (Retiring 2012) 
Sue Kelly s1mNew York Republican (until 2007) 
Mark Kennedy s1mMinnesota Republican (until 2006) 
Mark Kirk s1mIL Republican Jr Senator 
Jim Kolbe s1mArizona Republican 
Trent Lott s1mMS Former Republican Senator (MS, 1989-2007) 
Jim McCrery s1mLouisiana Republican (Retiring 2008) 
Gary Miller s1mCalifornia Republican 
Connie Morella s1mMaryland Republican 
Frank Murkowski s1mAK Former Republican Governor (2002-2006) 
Sue Myrick s1mNorth Carolina Republican (Retiring 2012) 
Bob Ney s1mOhio Republican 
Michael Oxley s1mOhio Republican 
Mike Pence s1mIN Republican Governor 
John Peterson s1mPennsylvania Republican (Retired 2008) 
Chip Pickering s1mMS Republican challenger (2006), U.S. Rep. 
Deborah Pryce s1mOhio Republican 
Jim Ramstad s1mMinnesota Republican (Retiring 2008) 
James Rogan s1mCalifornia Republican 
Pete Sessions s1mTexas Republican 
John Shadegg s1mArizona Republican 
John Shimkus s1mIllinois Republican 
Cliff Stearns s1mFlorida Republican (Lost 2012 primary) 
Billy Tauzin s1mLouisiana Republican (Until 2004) 
Lee Terry s1mNebraska Republican 
Mac Thornberry s1mTexas Republican 
Strom Thurmond s1mSC Former Republican Senator 
Fred Upton s1mMichigan Republican 
Greg Walden s1mOregon Republican 
J.C. Watts s1mOklahoma Republican 
Jerry Weller s1mIllinois Republican (Retiring 2008) 
Frank Wolf s1mVirginia Republican 

Independents participating in 01-CIC1

Virgil Goode s1mPOTUS Constitution Party Challenger 
Darrell Issa s1mCA03 Former Initiator of Gubernatorial Recall (2003) 
Joseph Lieberman s1mCT Independent Sr Senator; Gore's VP nominee (Retiring) 
George Nethercutt s1mWA 2004 former Republican challenger; US Representative 
Adam Putnam s1mFlorida Former GOP (until 2010) 
Bernie Sanders s1mVermont Independent 
Bob Schaffer s1mCO Former GOP Senate Challenger (2008) 

Total recorded by OnTheIssues:

Democrats: 94
Republicans: 70
Independents: 7

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