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    This page lists memberships in organizations, for elected officials. Each organization determines its own rules for membership.

00-ADH5 on Nov 7, 2000

Membership Roster: religious affiliation:
Source: Adherents.com web site
The Adherents.com website is an independent project and is not supported by or affiliated with any organization (academic, religious, or otherwise).

Whatís an adherent?

The most common definition used in broad compilations of statistical data is somebody who claims to belong to or worship in a religion. This is the self-identification method of determining who is an adherent of what religion, and it is the method used in most national surveys and polls.

Such factors as religious service attendance, belief, practice, familiarity with doctrine, belief in certain creeds, etc., may be important to sociologists, religious leaders, and others. But these are measures of religiosity and are usually not used academically to define a personís membership in a particular religion. It is important to recognize there are various levels of adherence, or membership within religious traditions or religious bodies. Thereís no single definition, and sources of adherent statistics do not always make it clear what definition they are using.

  • Topic: Principles & Values
  • Headline: Religious affiliation: Episcopalian
  • Headline 2: Religious affiliation: Lutheran
  • Headline 3: Religious affiliation: Presbyterian

  • Key for participation codes:
  • Sponsorships: p=sponsored; o=co-sponsored; s=signed
  • Memberships: c=chair; m=member; e=endorsed; f=profiled; s=scored
  • Resolutions: i=introduced; w=wrote; a=adopted
  • Cases: w=wrote; j=joined; d=dissented; c=concurred
  • Surveys: '+' supports; '-' opposes.

Democrats participating in 00-ADH5

Rob Andrews s1rNew Jersey Democrat (resigned 2014) 
Evan Bayh s1rIN Former Democratic Senator 
Ken Bentsen s3rTexas Democrat 
Sherrod Brown s2rOH Democratic Sr Senator 
Richard Bryan s1rNV Democratic Senator (Former) 
Lois Capps s2rCalifornia Democrat 
Tom Carper s3rDE Democratic Sr Senator 
Eva Clayton s3rNorth Carolina Democrat (Until 2004) 
Jim Davis s1rFlorida Democrat 
Diana DeGette s3rColorado Democrat 
Norm Dicks s2rWashington Democrat (Retiring 2012) 
Julian Dixon s1rCalifornia Democrat 
Byron Dorgan s2rND Democratic Jr Senator (retiring 2010) 
Bob Etheridge s3rNorth Carolina Democrat (Unseated 2010) 
Sam Farr s1rCalifornia Democrat 
Tony Hall s3rOhio Democrat (until 2002) 
Fritz Hollings s2rSC Former Democratic Sr Senator; retired 2004 
Darlene Hooley s2rOregon Democrat (Retiring 2008) 
James Hunt s3rNC00 Former Democrat Governor (1993-2000) 
Tim Johnson s2rSD Democratic Sr Senator (retiring 2014) 
Ron Kind s2rWI Former Democratic challenger (2012) 
Blanche Lambert Lincoln s1rAR Former Democratic Senator 
Carolyn Maloney s3rNew York Democrat/Liberal 
Jim McDermott s1rWashington Democrat 
Mike McIntyre s3rNorth Carolina Democrat (retiring 2014) 
David Minge s2rMinnesota Democrat/Farmer/Labor 
Eleanor Holmes Norton s1rDistrict of Columbia Democrat 
Paul Patton s3rKY Former Democrat Governor (1995-2003) 
Collin Peterson s2rMinnesota Democrat/Farmer/Labor 
Earl Pomeroy s3rNorth Dakota Democrat (until 2010) 
Charles Robb s1rVA Democratic Senator (Former) 
John Rockefeller s3rWV Democratic Sr Senator (retiring 2014) 
Martin Sabo s2rMinnesota Democrat/Farmer/Labor 
Tom Sawyer s3rOhio Democrat 
Edward Schafer s1rND Former Democratic Governor (1992-2000); Cabinet Sec'y (USDA) 
Bobby Scott s1rVirginia Democrat 
Louise Slaughter s1rNew York Democrat 
Vic Snyder s3rArkansas Former Democrat (until 2010) 
John Spratt s3rSouth Carolina Democrat (until 2010) 
Charles Stenholm s2rTexas Democrat 
Karen Thurman s1rFlorida Former Democrat 
Mel Watt s3rNorth Carolina Democrat (appointed to FHFA) 
Bob Wise s1rWest Virginia Democrat 
Lynn Woolsey s3rCalifornia Democrat (Retiring 2012) 
David Wu s3rOregon Democrat (Resigned 2011) 

Republicans participating in 00-ADH5

Lincoln Almond s1rRI00 Former Republican Governor (1995-2002) 
Dick Armey s3rTexas Republican 
Cass Ballenger s1rNorth Carolina Republican 
Bill Barrett s3rNebraska Republican 
Charlie Bass s1rNew Hampshire Republican (Retired 2012) 
Doug Bereuter s2rNebraska Republican (Until 2004) 
Judy Biggert s1rIllinois Republican 
Kit Bond s3rMO Republican Sr Senator (retiring 2010) 
Conrad Burns s2rMT Former Republican Senator (MT, 1989-2007) 
John Chafee s1rRI Republican Senator (Former) 
Saxby Chambliss s1rGA Republican Sr Senator (retiring 2014) 
John Howard Coble s3rNorth Carolina Republican (retiring 2014) 
Barbara Cubin s1rWyoming Republican (Retiring 2008) 
Jim DeMint s3rSC Republican Jr Senator; previously Representative 
Jimmy Duncan s3rTennessee Republican 
Jennifer Dunn s1rWashington Republican (Until 2004) 
Jo Ann Emerson s3rMissouri Republican (Resigned 2013) 
Michael Enzi s3rWY Republican Sr Senator 
Mike Foster s1rLA Former Republican Governor (1996-2003) 
Bill Frist s3rPOTUS Republican 
Jim Geringer s2rWY Former Republican Governor (1995-2002) 
Slade Gorton s1rWA Republican Senator (Former) 
Porter Goss s3rFlorida Republican (Until 2004) 
Phil Gramm s1rTX Former Republican Senator 
Rod Grams s2rMN Republican Senator (Former) 
Jim Greenwood s3rPennsylvania Republican (Until 2004) 
Kenny Guinn s1rNV Former Republican Governor (1999-2006) 
Chuck Hagel s1rNE Former Republican Senator (retired 2008) 
Robin Hayes s3rNorth Carolina Republican (Unseated 2008) 
Joel Hefley s3rColorado Republican 
Van Hilleary s3rTennessee Republican 
Amo Houghton s1rNew York Republican/Conservative 
Kay Bailey Hutchison s1rTX Republican Sr Senator (Retiring) 
James Inhofe s3rOK Republican Sr Senator 
Bill Janklow s2rSD00 Former Republican Governor (1979=1986 & 1995-2002) 
Sue Kelly s3rNew York Republican (until 2007) 
Jack Kingston s1rGA Republican Challenger 
Steven Kuykendall s3rCalifornia Republican 
Jon Kyl s3rAZ Republican Jr Senator (Retiring) 
Tom Latham s2rIowa Republican (retiring 2014) 
Jim Leach s1rIowa Republican 
Jerry Lewis s3rCalifornia Republican (Retiring 2012) 
John McCain s1rAZ Republican Sr Senator 
Bill McCollum s1rFL Former Republican challenger (2004); former US Rep. 
David McIntosh s1rIndiana Republican 
John Mica s1rFlorida Republican 
Dan Miller s1rFlorida Republican (retired) 
Jim Nussle s2rIowa Republican 
Doug Ose s2rCalifornia Republican challenger 
Michael Oxley s2rOhio Republican 
Tom Petri s2rWisconsin Republican 
Deborah Pryce s3rOhio Republican 
Ralph Regula s1rOhio Republican (Retiring 2008) 
Thomas Reynolds s3rNew York Republican (Retiring 2008) 
William Roth s1rDE Former Republican Senator (unseated, 2000) 
Jim Ryun s3rKansas Republican 
Mark Sanford s1rSC Former Republican Governor (2002-2010) 
James Sensenbrenner s1rWisconsin Republican 
John Shadegg s1rArizona Republican 
Richard Shelby s3rAL Republican Jr Senator 
John Shimkus s2rIllinois Republican 
Floyd Spence s2rSouth Carolina Republican 
Cliff Stearns s3rFlorida Republican (Lost 2012 primary) 
Ted Stevens s1rAK Former Republican Sr Senator 
Don Sundquist s2rTN00 Former Republican Governor (1995-2002) 
Jim Talent s3rMissouri Republican 
Tom Tancredo s3rCO Republican Gubernatorial Challenger 
Mac Thornberry s3rTexas Republican 
Greg Walden s1rOregon Republican 
John Warner s1rVA Former Republican Senator (retired 2008) 
Wes Watkins s3rOklahoma Republican 
Frank Wolf s3rVirginia Republican (retiring 2014) 
Don Young s1rAlaska Republican 

Independents participating in 00-ADH5

Charles Canady s3rFlorida Former GOP 
Tillie Fowler s1rFlorida Former GOP 
Gary Johnson s2rNM Libertarian Gubernatorial Challenger 
Angus King s1rME Former Independent Governor (1995-2002) 
John Linder s3rGeorgia Former GOP (until 2010) 
George Nethercutt s3rWA 2004 former Republican challenger; US Representative 
Christie Todd Whitman s3rUS Cabinet-2005 

Total recorded by OnTheIssues:

Democrats: 45
Republicans: 73
Independents: 7

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