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Books by and about 2020 presidential candidates
Crippled America,
by Donald J. Trump (2015)
by Cory Booker (2016)
The Truths We Hold,
by Kamala Harris (2019)
Smart on Crime,
by Kamala Harris (2010)
Guide to Political Revolution,
by Bernie Sanders (2017)
Where We Go From Here,
by Bernie Sanders (2018)
Promise Me, Dad ,
by Joe Biden (2017)
Conscience of a Conservative,
by Jeff Flake (2017)
Two Paths,
by Gov. John Kasich (2017)
Every Other Monday,
by Rep. John Kasich (2010)
Courage is Contagious,
by John Kasich (1998)
Shortest Way Home,
by Pete Buttigieg (2019)
The Book of Joe ,
by Jeff Wilser (2019; biography of Joe Biden)
by Michelle Obama (2018)
Our Revolution,
by Bernie Sanders (2016)
This Fight Is Our Fight,
by Elizabeth Warren (2017)
Higher Loyalty,
by James Comey (2018)
The Making of Donald Trump,
by David Cay Johnston (2017)
Books by and about the 2016 presidential election
What Happened ,
by Hillary Clinton (2017)
Higher Loyalty ,
by James Comey (2018)
Trump vs. Hillary On The Issues ,
by Jesse Gordon (2016)
Hard Choices,
by Hillary Clinton (2014)
Becoming ,
by Michelle Obama (2018)
Outsider in the White House,
by Bernie Sanders (2015)

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 OnTheIssues.org excerpts:  (click on issues for details)
    Ed Markey: Endorsed by Planned Parenthood; supports abortion rights.
    Gabriel Gomez: I'm personally prolife but I'm not changing any abortion law.
    Chris Murphy: I'm more pro-choice than opponent; but no late-term abortion.
    Linda McMahon: I'm a pro-choice woman; not part of anti-woman agenda.
    Scott Brown: I'm a moderate pro-choice Republican & always have been.
    Angus King: Favors abortion rights; keep Planned Parenthood funding.
    Martha Coakley: Helped minors get court orders without parental consent.
    Martha Coakley: Partial-birth ban needs exceptions for maternal health.
    Scott Brown: Supported by right-to-life groups for stem cell stance.
    Scott Brown: Authored bill for 24-hour waiting period for abortion.
    Sarah Palin: Rejected sympathy for Down’s Syndrome son, as gift from God.
    Sarah Palin: Opposes embryonic stem cell research.
    Kerry Healey: Favors embryonic stem cell research.
    Kerry Healey: $1B for stem cell research is irresponsible.
    Stephen Laffey: Roe v Wade is settled law; but restrictions ok.
    Stephen Laffey: Undecided on stem cell research.
    Tom Reilly: Supports abortion rights.
    Deval Patrick: Decisions on abortion should be made by women.
    John Kerry: Kerry staunchly resists restrictions on abortions.
    Howard Dean: Favors abortion rights.
    Mitt Romney: Endorsed legalization of RU-486.
    JoAnn Sprague: Pro-choice.
    Steve Lynch: Pro-life.
    John Paul Stevens: Favors abortion rights.
    Al Gore: Bush’s “strict constuctionism” is like slavery’s 3/5ths rule.
    Joseph Lieberman: Parental consent with judicial override; Gore agrees.
    Alan Keyes: Withdraws; job done since GOP & V.P. are both pro-life.
    John McCain: Prosecute abortion doctors, not women who get them.
    Al Gore: Position on federal funding of abortion has “evolved”.
    Al Gore: Abortion question is for women, not government or president.
    Al Gore: Wrote in 1984 that “abortion is arguably taking a life.”.
    Alan Keyes: Not OK to kill child of 6; not OK to kill child in the womb.
    Steve Forbes: Would require his minor daughter to carry child to term.
    George W. Bush: GOP should keep plank to ban all abortions.
    George W. Bush: States should decide abortion issue; not Roe v. Wade.
    John McCain: Supports fetal tissue research; against over-intensity.
    John McCain: Feds involved because fed money is used for abortions.
    John McCain: Overturn Roe v. Wade, but keep incest & rape exceptions.
    Steve Forbes: Dialogue to persuade instead of impose.
    Steve Forbes: Litmus test for Vice President.
    Orrin Hatch: Appoint conservative judges without litmus tests.
    Steve Forbes: Personally opposed; but limit legal restrictions.
Budget & Economy
    Gabriel Gomez: Deficit reduction might even include home mortgage deduction.
    Martha Coakley: Economic system spiraling out of control; go after Wall St.
    Stephen Pagliuca: Managing director at Bain Capital; trained as accountant.
    Kerry Healey: Work cooperatively with legislature on economic stimulus.
    Wesley Clark: Short-term deficit ok in recession, but not long-term.
    Howard Dean: Fiscally to the right of “borrow-and-spend” Bush.
    Shannon O'Brien: Accused of mismanagement of Abandoned Property account.
    George W. Bush: Claims of Gore’s spending are based on inflated figures.
    George W. Bush: Claim of Gore’s 20,000 new bureaucrats is unlikely.
    George W. Bush: Claim of 1/4 for important projects is overestimate.
    Bill Bradley: Don’t raise taxes during economic downturns.
    Donald Trump: One-time 14.25% tax on wealth, to erase national debt.
    Donald Trump: Predicts 35% boost to economy from eliminating national debt.
    Elizabeth Dole: Farm economy needs more exports.
    Mitt Romney: Will cut deficit and help Americans save.
Civil Rights
    Charlie Baker: Running-mate supports existing law on gay marriage.
    Gabriel Gomez: I support Paycheck Fairness Act's equal pay for women.
    Angus King: Supports gay marriage.
    Blanche Lambert Lincoln: Defer to military decision on Don't-Ask-Don't-Tell.
    John Boozman: Keep Don't-Ask-Don't-Tell; the policy has worked well.
    Mitt Romney: Right to be kept alive means secret surveillance is OK.
    Mitt Romney: Enemy combatants, if citizens, entitled to habeas corpus.
    George W. Bush: Withholding info from Congress OK on national security issue.
    George W. Bush: Equal protection supercedes recruiting women & minorities.
    Stephen Laffey: Supports civil unions and opposes Constitutional amendment.
    Deval Patrick: Supports equal marriage rights for gays.
    Deval Patrick: Former civil rights prosecutor under President Clinton.
    Tom Reilly: Opposed gay marriage but now supports it.
    Kerry Healey: Ban gay marriage, but not in GOP party platform.
    Mitt Romney: Put gay marriage ban into GOP party platform.
    Harriet Miers: Poor, elderly, and disabled are under-represented.
    Harriet Miers: Pledged to be ‘inclusive of women and minorities’.
    John Kerry: Questions the ultimate practicality of affirmative action.
    John Kerry: Defense of Marriage Act is fundamentally ugly.
    Howard Dean: Supported civil unions for same-sex couples.
    Rev. Jesse Jackson: Black disenfranchisement part of Civil Rights movement.
    Rev. Jesse Jackson: Blacks were disproportionately disenfranchised in Florida.
    Anthony Kennedy: Can’t outlaw flag burning.
    John Paul Stevens: Favors affirmative action.
    Stephen Breyer: Disabled people can sue states under federal ADA law.
    Joseph Lieberman: Supports affirmative action now; but phase it out by 2010.
    Joseph Lieberman: Affirmative action is “patently unfair”, in 1995.
    Joseph Lieberman: For gay equal employment; against gay marriage.
    Dick Cheney: Voted that US civil rights laws not apply to South Africa.
    Dick Cheney: Stopped military academies from banning gays.
    Alan Keyes: HIV workshop violates parents who think gay is immoral.
    Alan Keyes: Our rights come from God, not from the Constitution.
    John McCain: Career-long history of supporting Indian causes.
    Al Gore: Affirmative action still needed - continue the fight.
    Gary Bauer: If not prayer, recite Declaration.
    Pat Buchanan: AIDS is retribution; women can’t compete.
    Bill Bradley: Opposed to same-sex marriages, but won’t ban them.
    Al Gore: End racial profiling.
    Bill Bradley: Race relations solution: Talk & be vulnerable.
    Bill Bradley: Supports affirmative action.
    Bill Bradley: Racial unity is a defining moral issue.
    Bill Bradley: NY shooting as error; 1992 King verdict denounced.
    Mitt Romney: Sexual orientation should not preclude being a Scout.
    Barry Hinckley: Make R.I. the most attractive place to do business.
    Elizabeth Warren: FactCheck: Insurers should pay victims, plus future immunity.
    Ralph Nader: Shift power from corporations to consumers.
    Deval Patrick: Marathon bomber will die in prison, one way or another.
    Elizabeth Warren: Oppose death penalty but won't fight it for Marathon Bomber.
    Eric Holder: Oppose death penalty, but ok against Boston marathon bomber.
    Martha Coakley: Supports seeking federal death penalty for Marathon Bomber.
    Marty Walsh: Marathon bomber will die in prison, one way or another.
    Alan Khazei: Opposes death penalty in all cases.
    Martha Coakley: Limit Supreme Court review of state death penalty conviction.
    Martha Coakley: Signed death penalty brief with 15 death penalty states.
    Martha Coakley: Supported death penalty for cop killers, but now opposes it.
    Michael Capuano: Voted for terrorist death penalty as part of larger bill.
    Michael Capuano: Death penalty is out of step with progressive Massachusetts.
    Stephen Pagliuca: Opposes death penalty in all cases.
    Tom Reilly: Supports death penalty, but once opposed it.
    Howard Dean: Even terrorists deserve a fair trial.
    John Kerry: Death penalty for Osama bin Laden.
    Howard Dean: Supports death penalty for terrorism.
    Mitt Romney: Favored mandatory sentencing and three strikes.
    Mitt Romney: Safe streets will be a campaign theme.
    John Ashcroft: Opposes any further delays in McVeigh’s execution.
    John Paul Stevens: Favors defendants’ rights.
    Ruth Bader Ginsburg: States have broad powers to limit jury awards.
    Mitt Romney: Will bring new businesses to urban areas.
    Mitt Romney: Supports death penalty and “three strikes” sentencing.
    Mitt Romney: Supports death penalty and “three strikes” sentencing.
    Charlie Baker: Don't legalize marijuana: it's unsafe & lowers IQ in kids.
    Marty Walsh: Don't legalize marijuana: it's unsafe & lowers IQ in kids.
    Jeb Bush: Smoked pot & drank alcohol in late 1960s high school.
    Jeb Bush: My high school drug use was "stupid" and "wrong".
    Elizabeth Warren: Opposes the outright legalization of marijuana.
    George W. Bush: Congressional limit on troops in Colombia is “advisory” only.
    Al Gore: Clinton-Gore drug policy: spending up; drug use down.
    George W. Bush: $2.8B more for Drug War, for state treatment & abroad.
    George W. Bush: Clinton-Gore drug policy is inconsistent and has failed.
    Ralph Nader: Treat hemp like poppy seeds, not like heroin.
    Al Gore: Loosen restrictions on medical marijuana.
    Al Gore: Tougher drug policies; fight drugs in Colombia.
    Bill Bradley: More funds for drug treatment; tackle demand, not supply.
    George W. Bush: Supports military package to Colombia to fight drug supply.
    George W. Bush: Stronger penalties for first time cocaine possession.
    John McCain: Administration is AWOL on the war on drugs.
    George W. Bush: Identifies with former addicts based on former alcoholism.
    Al Gore: Decrease disparities in punishing crack vs. powder cocaine.
    Bill Bradley: Candidate drug use matters; admits pot but no cocaine.
    George W. Bush: Parents make up for past by warning kids against drugs.
    David Koch: Push for education savings accounts on state ballots.
    Doug Ducey: Push for education savings accounts on November ballot.
    Sarah Palin: Teach creationism alongside evolution in schools.
    Chris Gabrieli: Supports charter schools and calls them successful.
    Christy Mihos: Supports charters, but keep the cap for now.
    Deval Patrick: Supports unionized Horace Mann charter over regular charters.
    Deval Patrick: Supports MCAS but would add a science test and other tests.
    Kerry Healey: Strong backer of more charter schools.
    Tom Reilly: Supports charter schools in districts with low test scores.
    Chris Gabrieli: More charter schools and individual merit pay.
    Deval Patrick: Cap charter schools until funding formulas improved.
    George W. Bush: Signing statement: No independent research on education.
    Tom Reilly: More charter schools and individual merit pay.
    Kerry Healey: Raise mandatory age to 18 with incentives to stay in school.
    Kerry Healey: Higher percent of spending in classrooms & teachers.
    Tom Reilly: Supports charter schools and MCAS testing.
    Kerry Healey: No in-state tuition break for illegal immigrants.
    Howard Dean: Supported Act 60’s controversial statewide education fund.
    Mitt Romney: Supported abolishing the federal Department of Education.
    Mitt Romney: Supported means-tested vouchers for public & private schools.
    Jim Jeffords: Individuals With Disabilities Education Act revived.
    George W. Bush: TX test score improvements not reflected on national tests.
    Ralph Nader: Abandon standardized testing; focus on teaching civic skills.
    Al Gore: $176B over 10 years for pre-school, special ed, & more.
    Al Gore: Spend resources rebuilding public schools.
    George W. Bush: Focus on responsibility and parents, not on federal spending.
    George W. Bush: $25B over 10 years for reading, Pell Grants, & charters.
    Al Gore: Yes, poor parents in failing schools might like vouchers.
    Al Gore: Lieberman experiments with vouchers; Bush destroys with them.
    Al Gore: Agrees with unions against vouchers; disagrees on testing.
    Al Gore: $5B/year for universal preschool for 3- & 4-year-olds.
    Gary Bauer: If not prayer, recite Declaration.
    Bill Bradley: $400M per year for community colleges for tech & jobs.
    Bill Bradley: $200 per month stipends to elderly mentors.
    Steve Forbes: Supports tax-supported vouchers for religious schools.
    Al Gore: No experimental vouchers.
    Elizabeth Dole: Merit pay to retain teachers.
    Elizabeth Dole: More ed. savings accounts; tax credit for ed. charity.
    Elizabeth Dole: Web of rules makes system fail; empower states & districts.
    Elizabeth Dole: Search students’ lockers & backpacks for drugs & guns.
    Al Gore: Education is best anti-poverty, anti-discrimination program.
    Al Gore: $10K “Teacher Corps” bonus; hire & test teachers.
    Al Gore: More choice, more local control, within public schools.
Energy & Oil
    Brad Ellsworth: Cap-and-trade would put Hoosiers out of work.
    Daniel Coats: Accused of benefiting as lobbyist from pushing cap-and-trade.
    Barack Obama: FactCheck: Both McCain & Obama plans kill oil tax loopholes.
    John McCain: FactCheck: Voted against new investments in renewable energy.
    George W. Bush: Signing statement: No whistleblower law for nuclear agencies.
    Stephen Laffey: Drives an SUV & considers expanding mass transit unrealistic.
    Stephen Laffey: Economic incentives to reduce oil-funded Islamofacism.
    Dick Cheney: Sued in Supreme Court for keeping energy policy secret.
    George W. Bush: Abandons campaign pledge to reduce CO2 emissions.
    Al Gore: Press gives credit to discredited ideas in name of fairness.
    Al Gore: For Kyoto; for national parks; against drilling ANWR.
    George W. Bush: Against Kyoto & national monuments; for drilling ANWR.
    Dick Cheney: Fuel cells from propane are “a tremendous development”.
    George W. Bush: Got voluntary emission reductions from grandfathered plants.
    Dan Quayle: Fervor on global warming is an attack on capitalism.
    Donald Trump: Overrule Fisheries Commission and allow more fish harvesting.
    Wilbur Ross: Overrule Fisheries Commission and allow more fish harvesting.
    Gabriel Gomez: I'm a "green Republican"; others in GOP deny science.
    Mitt Romney: Clean environment will be a campaign theme.
    Al Gore: No logging in roadless forests; protect 40M acres.
    George W. Bush: Weaken Clean Air; no comment on Clean Water.
    Al Gore: Texas is the smoggiest state with the smoggiest city in US.
    Al Gore: Continue & do more cleanup of Great Lakes.
    Joseph Lieberman: Texas is last in social programs; but first in pollution.
    Pat Buchanan: Celebrating Earth Day is like worshiping dirt.
    Bill Bradley: 2-year effort in 1990 changed CA water allocations.
    Al Gore: Gore proposes $2B to counter suburban sprawl.
    Al Gore: Control clean air in National Parks.
Families & Children
    Martha Coakley: PACWatch on DCF: not to fix it but to fight it.
    Kerry Healey: Teach abstinence as part of comprehensive sex ed.
    Dick Cheney: Voted against WIC welfare nuttrition programs.
    Al Gore: Parental Responsibility Accounts: dads pay kids, not welfare.
    Bill Bradley: $2B per year for “Smart Start” preschool program.
    Bill Bradley: Expand Family Leave laws.
    Gary Bauer: Juvenile violence based on mass media & abortion.
Foreign Policy
    Jeb Bush: Built schoolhouse in Mexico on a high school project.
    Barack Obama: FactCheck: Campaign prevented committee meetings, not rules.
    Barack Obama: President must abide by international human rights treaties.
    John Edwards: President empowered to unilaterally withdraw from treaties.
    John McCain: No circumstances where president can disregard treaties.
    Ron Paul: US must obey human rights treaties abroad.
    Steve Grossman: Former chair of pro-Israel lobby continues strong support.
    Colin Powell: State Dept shakeup: More funds; more career officers.
    George W. Bush: Puerto Rico: Back statehood if majority votes for it.
    Dick Cheney: Cuba: replace sanctions with free trade enclave.
    Dick Cheney: Voted to support foreign aid programs.
    John McCain: $1M political donations by Chinese Army should not be legal.
    Alan Keyes: Panama Canal: Keep US in; keep China Out.
    George W. Bush: Focus on Big Three: Russia, China, & India.
    Gary Bauer: Abolish the IMF.
    John McCain: IMF’s Russia policies bad, but agency is OK.
    Steve Forbes: IMF made Asian crisis worse.
    Steve Forbes: IMF & USAID create economic crises by hiding risk.
    Pat Buchanan: Most pressing foreign policy crisis: illegal immigration.
    Pat Buchanan: Push US foreign policy toward isolationism.
Free Trade
    Elizabeth Warren: Key is fair, enforceable agreements that protect workers.
    Ralph Nader: Renegotiate NAFTA & WTO “as if human beings mattered”.
    Al Gore: Open markets with safeguards for labor and environment.
    Pat Buchanan: China trade pact is a complete sellout.
    Al Gore: Make trade work for working families.
    Bill Bradley: More truck inspectors at Mexican border, within NAFTA.
    Pat Buchanan: Supporting WTO is a march into captivity.
    Steve Forbes: Hopes for WTO as worldwide arbiter & lowering barriers.
    Pat Buchanan: More import tariffs: 10% on Japan; 20% on China.
    Pat Buchanan: Globalists are wrong; dumping destroys towns.
Government Reform
    Charlie Baker: Automatic voter registration via RMV and MassHealth.
    Chris Sununu: End expansive government that stifles economic growth.
    Barack Obama: Constitutional Amendment to overturn Citizens United.
    Judd Gregg: Earmarks legitimately direct money to worthy projects.
    Judd Gregg: Earmarks prioritize spending that bureaucrats would miss.
    Kelly Ayotte: Praised Sen. Gregg for earmarks; but pledges against them.
    Paul Hodes: $122M in earmarks while in House; pledges none in Senate.
    Paul Hodes: No pay-to-play: earmarks without campaign contributions ok.
    Jim Ogonowski: Kerry is an out-of-touch insider; Washington is broken.
    Barack Obama: Bad idea to over-classify information.
    Barack Obama: Bush’s signing statements are a clear abuse of prerogative.
    John Edwards: No use of signing statements as back-door vetoes.
    John Edwards: Bush damages constitution by increasing power of presidency.
    John McCain: No signing statements: either sign or veto bills.
    Mitt Romney: Signing statements are an important presidential practice.
    Rudy Giuliani: President must be free to defend nation with surveillance.
    Harriet Miers: Calls for more volunteer legal aid work.
    Howard Dean: First Democrat to opt out of campaign finance system.
    Mitt Romney: Balanced budget amendment and line-item veto.
    Anthony Kennedy: Favors states’ rights, usually.
    Antonin Scalia: For states’ rights; limit court role.
    Clarence Thomas: Limited role for courts; narrow Constitional interpretation.
    David Souter: Backs federal powers over states’ rights.
    John Paul Stevens: Against state term limits on candidates for congress.
    John Paul Stevens: Votes with liberal bloc against states’ rights.
    Ruth Bader Ginsburg: Votes with liberal bloc against states’ rights.
    Sandra Day O`Connor: Limit federal courts on state powers.
    Stephen Breyer: Votes with liberal bloc against states’ rights.
    William Rehnquist: States’ rights over federal power.
    Al Gore: Pledges to add not one new federal position.
    Hillary Clinton: Whitewater investigation ends; Hillary questions $52M spent.
    Al Gore: Puerto Rico: Back statehood if majority votes for it.
    Dick Cheney: Accused in 1992 House banking scandal.
    Alan Keyes: Wife Jocelyn’s issues: anti-poverty & anti-abortion.
    Gary Bauer: Wife Carol would promote traditional women’s roles.
    George W. Bush: Wife Laura’s issues would be education & literacy.
    John McCain: Wife Cindy sees First Lady’s role as hostess.
    Steve Forbes: Wife Sabina’s agenda would be children.
    John McCain: Veto any pork-barrel bill.
    George W. Bush: Favors Tort Reform to make it harder to sue corporations.
    John McCain: Influence peddling helps the Chinese Army.
    Steve Grossman: Low voter participation is a “national disgrace”.
    Steve Grossman: Use mail-in voting, and vote over several days.
Gun Control
    Marty Walsh: Opposes Concealed Carry Reciprocity Act.
    Bill Weld: Now Libertarian, changed position to opposing gun control.
    Ed Markey: Expand background checks; ban assault weapons; fight NRA.
    Ed Markey: Fight the NRA for broader gun control measures.
    Gabriel Gomez: I oppose the NRA on expanded background checks.
    Elizabeth Warren: Extend the federal assault weapons ban.
    Scott Brown: Extend the state assault weapons ban, but not federal.
    Scott Brown: Reliably pro-gun, but opposed right-to-carry reciprocity.
    Angus King: Supports gun rights.
    Mike Bloomberg: 2006: Created Mayors Against Illegal Guns; now 600 mayors.
    Tom Menino: 2006: Created Mayors Against Illegal Guns; now 600 mayors.
    Elizabeth Warren: Supports gun control.
    Howard Dean: No more federal gun laws; leave them to states.
    Steve Lynch: Voted against assault weapons ban.
    Steve Lynch: Supports some gun rights, some gun control.
    Rudy Giuliani: All gun owners should pass written test.
    Alan Keyes: Teach high school students to use guns.
    Bill Bradley: Stand up to the NRA.
    Gary Bauer: Focus on our hearts, not “instruments”.
Health Care
    Mitt Romney: On choosing providers: "I like being able to fire people".
    Elizabeth Warren: ObamaCare provides free preventive care for women.
    Elizabeth Warren: No privatizing Medicare, nor voucher program.
    John Boozman: I want to be the deciding vote to repeal ObamaCare.
    Chris Gabrieli: Raise employer uninsured healthcare assessment above $295.
    Deval Patrick: Supports employer uninsured healthcare assessment, plus more.
    Tom Reilly: Opposes $295/yr employer fee for uninsured employees.
    John Kerry: Key issue: Does government control reduce cost?
    Wesley Clark: Does not support single-payer healthcare.
    Howard Dean: Patient Bill of Rights is hot air: get people insured.
    Howard Dean: Full access first, then tackle reform afterwards.
    Steve Grossman: Advocates bulk purchasing of medication to reduce prices.
    Steve Grossman: Commit to public school teaching in exchange for scholarship.
    Mitt Romney: Subsidies for health coverage for low-income individuals.
    Mitt Romney: Voluntary purchasing pools.
    George W. Bush: Claims that he supported patient rights in Texas is false.
    Al Gore: Claims of Bush’s choices & benefits are underestimated.
    George W. Bush: Claims of immediate help are only true for poorer families.
    Al Gore: Cap senior prescription costs at $4,000 per year.
    Al Gore: $253B for Medicare prescriptions & subsidized premiums.
    George W. Bush: Cap senior prescription costs at $6,000 per year.
    George W. Bush: $158B for Medicare prescriptions & subsidized premiums.
    Al Gore: Require insurance coverage of experimental cancer trials.
    George W. Bush: $7.4B for nursing home insurance via tax deductions.
    George W. Bush: Affordable long-term care instead of financial ruin.
    Al Gore: “Outrageous scare tactics” on Medicare’s HIV treatment?
    Bill Bradley: “Outrageous scare tactics” on Medicare’s HIV treatment.
    Bill Bradley: Refuses to rule out tax hike for health plan.
    Al Gore: No neat & simple approach - must go step-by-step.
    Al Gore: $110B for Medicare prescriptions & teaching hospitals.
    Bill Bradley: $650B over 10 yrs for children’s mandatory health insurance.
    Al Gore: Incrementally fix lack of health care access.
    Al Gore: Aims to insure 15 million uninsured.
Homeland Security
    Bernie Sanders: F-35 fighter planes OK at Burlington Airport.
    John MacGovern: No noisy F-35 fighter planes at Burlington Airport.
    Jim Ogonowski: His brother, an airline pilot, killed on Sept. 11, 2001.
    Barack Obama: No presidential power for secret surveillance.
    Barack Obama: No holding US citizens as unlawful enemy combatants.
    Barack Obama: Congress decides what constitutes torture, not president.
    Barack Obama: No torture; defiance of FISA; no military commissions.
    Bill Richardson: Habeas corpus may not be suspended in war on terror.
    John Edwards: End Bush’s illegal spying on American citizens.
    John Edwards: Bush created a national embarrassment at Guantanamo.
    John Edwards: Torture does not work & undermines our moral authority.
    John McCain: Surveillance of overseas communications is ok.
    John McCain: Ok to hold even US citizens as enemy combatants.
    Ron Paul: No presidential power for secret surveillance.
    Ron Paul: Habeas corpus always applies, even to Guantanamo.
    George W. Bush: OK to waive torture ban if terrorist attack prevented.
    George W. Bush: Military lawyers subject to White House legal conclusions.
    George W. Bush: Signing statement: Only president decides which intel to use.
    George W. Bush: Bush’s stated military service record is incorrect.
    George W. Bush: AWOL in Air Guard? Maybe not, but didn’t meet obligations.
    Dick Cheney: Swift retaliation for USS Cole terrorist attack.
    Dick Cheney: US military is best in world, but trend is wrong direction.
    Ralph Nader: Deter wars by being attuned abroad.
    Dick Cheney: Gulf War: Rejected frontal assault in favor of “left hook”.
    Dick Cheney: Cautious cuts: A-12, V22, F14D, Seawolf, 500,000 troops.
    Al Gore: $1.2 billion in new education money for veterans.
    John McCain: Rogue State Rollback: actively support resistance fighters.
    John McCain: Terminate C-130, B-2, and Seawolf; use funds to modernize.
    John McCain: Politicians keep unneeded bases open for political purposes.
    Al Gore: Test Ban Treaty is the tide of history; ratify it.
    Al Gore: 20-year history of supporting comprehensive arms control.
    Bill Bradley: Let gays serve openly in military.
    Kerry Healey: A nation of immigrants, but also a nation of laws.
    Bill Weld: More H-1B visas; keep more foreign grads & entrepreneurs.
    Bill Weld: Current system is "de facto legalization" for 11 million.
    Elizabeth Warren: Support the DREAM Act: Let kids stay.
    Jim Ogonowski: Vows to fight illegal immigration.
    Niki Tsongas: Supports undocumented immigrants earning citizenship.
    Kerry Healey: Called for deportation in’05; now says can’t deport them all.
    Stephen Laffey: Opposes granting illegal immigrants citizenship.
    Kerry Healey: A nation of immigrants, but also a nation of laws.
    Kerry Healey: Illegal immigrants are breaking law and have no entitlements.
    Dianne Feinstein: $127M for INS to reduce immigrant visa backlog.
    George W. Bush: $500M to cut INS application time to 6 months.
    Pat Buchanan: Most pressing foreign policy crisis: illegal immigration.
    Scott Brown: Proud union member.
    Stephen Pagliuca: 10% unemployment is totally unacceptable.
    Mitt Romney: Tax incentives for employee training.
    Robert Reich: Prodded Clinton on minimum wage & corporate welfare.
    Ralph Nader: Repeal Taft-Hartley; strengthen unions.
    George W. Bush: Flex-time & family-oriented work rules via tax code.
    Al Gore: Save the family farm.
    Al Gore: Add $1 to minimum wage; add earned-income credits.
    Lamar Alexander: More export subsidies for farmers.
Local Issues
    Jill Stein: New voices heard with Clean Elections law.
    Robert Reich: Use gas tax to pay for Big Dig, not toll increases.
    Shannon O'Brien: O’Brien’s Withdrawal from Clean Election hurts its viability.
    Shannon O'Brien: Asks opponents to voluntarily follow Clean Election rules.
    Shannon O'Brien: Angry about non-disclosure of Big Dig cost increases.
Principles & Values
    Donald Trump: Mocks opponent as "Pocahontas" at Native American event.
    Elizabeth Warren: Calling me "Pocahontas" is a racial slur.
    Geoff Diehl: Served as Trump campaign co-chair in Massachusetts.
    John Kingston: Calling Warren "Pocahontas" is inappropriate but she did lie.
    Shiva Ayyadurai: Warren shoplifted racial identity of Native American.
    Deval Patrick: Joined Bain Capital, lecture tour "Reinvesting in America".
    Bill Weld: Trump's agenda is hurtful to America & the world.
    Katherine Clark: Kitchen Table Tour: informal Q&A at voters' homes.
    Katherine Clark: Elected to School Committee, State House, then State Senate.
    John MacGovern: Runs the Hanover Institute, a Dartmouth alumni group.
    Elizabeth Warren: My Indian heritage played no role in Harvard hiring.
    Elizabeth Warren: My father's family rejected my mother's Indian heritage.
    Scott Brown: Warren claims Native American; but you can see she is not.
    Blanche Lambert Lincoln: Some say I'm too liberal; some say I'm too conservative.
    Alan Khazei: Would take a "big citizenship" approach to Washington.
    Martha Coakley: Considers herself a liberal, but look at the record.
    Michael Capuano: Proud to say I'm a liberal.
    Alan Khazei: Citizen-led, citizen-energized, & citizen-financed campaign.
    Martha Coakley: Planned Senate campaign for year prior to Kennedy's passing.
    Sarah Palin: Miss Congeniality in statewide beauty pageant in 1984.
    Sarah Palin: Star high school athlete in Fellowship of Christian Athletes.
    Sarah Palin: Gained political prominence as a whistleblower.
    Fred Thompson: Declined to answer Boston Globe questions on Executive Power.
    Mike Huckabee: Declined to answer Boston Globe questions on Executive Power.
    Ed O`Reilly: Formally announced at the Democratic State Convention.
    John Kerry: Last nominee to get 2nd chance was Adlai Stevenson in 1956.
    Christy Mihos: Ran for State Senate on South Shore in early 1990s.
    Christy Mihos: Supported Romney to create viable two-party system.
    Kerry Healey: Focus on giving voters a meaningful choice.
    Deval Patrick: Patrick wins first test at caucuses, by 2-1 margin.
    Tom Reilly: Running mate withdraws due to troubled personal finances.
    Tom Reilly: Appeals to centrist voters and blue-collar workers.
    Christy Mihos: “Game on”, but maybe as Republican or maybe independent.
    Tom Reilly: Conte case: Reilly wanted to spare family, not cover up.
    Tom Reilly: Conte case: Reilly wanted to spare family, not cover up.
    Deval Patrick: Galvin withdraws; it’s head-to-head against Tom Reilly.
    Deval Patrick: Galvin withdraws; it’s head-to-head against Tom Reilly.
    Tom Reilly: Galvin withdraws; it’s head-to-head against Deval Patrick.
    Tom Reilly: Galvin withdraws; it’s head-to-head against Deval Patrick.
    Tom Reilly: Built $4M warchest from those doing business with AG office.
    Tom Reilly: Built $4M warchest from those doing business with AG office.
    John Kerry: Clear separation of church and state.
    Howard Dean: Appeals $76 late fee on property tax; known as a tightwad.
    Arnold Schwarzenegger: Needs no money; so will represent ordinary citizens.
    Bill Simon: Exits race to avoid splitting GOP vote.
    Bill Simon: Exits California recall race to avoid splitting GOP vote.
    Cruz Bustamante: Dems strategy: No on recall, yes on Bustamante.
    Cruz Bustamante: Campaign strategy: No on recall, yes on Bustamante.
    Howard Dean: Distrusts political extremism & ideologues.
    Howard Dean: Turned to medicine and politics after family tragedy.
    Steve Grossman: All deserve equal opportunity to benefit from hard work.
    Shannon O'Brien: Spouse resigns as lobbyist, to avoid conflict of interest.
    Robert Reich: Calling Democrats “dead” meant to stimulate debate.
    Robert Reich: Pro-economic growth progressive.
    JoAnn Sprague: Socially liberal yet fiscally conservative.
    Jane Swift: First sitting governor to give birth.
    George Bush Sr.: It’s an emotional roller-coaster; Gore’s a sore loser.
    Pat Buchanan: Yes, a “Christian nation,” not “Judeo-Christian” principles.
    Ralph Nader: Experience to run government comes from suing most agencies.
    George W. Bush: Favorites: PB&J, tacos, Winston Churchill, kissing Laura.
    Harry Browne: Little difference between Dems & Reps; hopes to be spoiler.
    Dick Cheney: One of the most conservative voting records in Congress.
    Steve Forbes: Withdraws, saying “money well spent”.
    Bill Bradley: No nickel-and-diming, no nibbling around the edges.
    Bill Bradley: Don’t settle for anything but big solutions.
    Bill Bradley: Theme of campaign is racial unity.
    Bob Smith: Most reliable Republican in Senate, despite resigning GOP.
    Bob Smith: Smith quit because GOP was hostile to his activist causes.
    Elizabeth Dole: Brings ‘courageous conservatism’ via courage of convictions.
    Bill Bradley: Stick to ideals & stay above the fray of a “broken” system.
    Bill Bradley: Factory town upbringing permeates campaign imagery.
    Gary Bauer: Something is wrong, despite good economy.
Social Security
    Bill Weld: Will not abolish social security and receives it himself.
    Bill Weld: Just started receiving Social Security and likes it.
    Sheldon Whitehouse: Protect and defend Social Security.
    Chris Murphy: To do nothing about entitlements is irresponsible.
    Chris Murphy: Earnings cap for Soc.Sec.; and means-testing for Medicare.
    Linda McMahon: Can't offer specifics or I'll be ''demagogued'' by press.
    Linda McMahon: Debate & analyze entitlement reform, but no budget cuts.
    Elizabeth Warren: No unnecessary cuts or risky privatization schemes.
    Shannon O'Brien: Swift’s pension plan would cost an extra $8 billion.
    Ralph Nader: Social Security is solid; pending bankruptcy is nonsense.
    Al Gore: Open questions: future surplus & future discipline.
    George W. Bush: Open questions: transition costs & bad investors bailouts.
    Rick Santorum: Raise retirement age? Maybe. Private investment? Yes.
    Rick Santorum: Social Security needs reform sooner rather than later.
    Ron Klink: Social Security bridges the generations; keep it as is.
    Al Gore: No privatization; no increase in retirement age.
    Gary Bauer: Cut Soc.Sec. taxes AND benefits by 20%.
    George W. Bush: Backs private accounts for Security contributions.
Tax Reform
    David Koch: Spending $20M to popularize Trump's $1.5 trillion tax cut.
    Ed Markey: Higher-income people should pay their fair share of taxes.
    Scott Brown: I'm not going to raise taxes on our job creators.
    Sarah Palin: Elected mayor based on tax cut promise.
    Jim Ogonowski: Make Bush tax cuts permanent.
    Christy Mihos: Set aside 40% of state revenue for local aid.
    Deval Patrick: Restore local aid so towns can cut property taxes.
    Deval Patrick: Supports local meals tax and local-option taxes.
    Kerry Healey: More local aid, to keep property taxes low.
    Kerry Healey: Opposes local meals tax and local-option taxes.
    Tom Reilly: Lift lottery fund cap to increase local aid.
    Deval Patrick: Allow cities to raise local meals tax-trust local officials.
    Tom Reilly: Disallow cities to raise local meals taxes-no more burden.
    Howard Dean: Would keep some middle class tax relief from Bush tax cuts.
    Howard Dean: Bush tax cuts were hooey; don’t trust GOP with our money.
    Steve Grossman: Fund health care with greater cigarette tax.
    Steve Grossman: Supports income tax rollback.
    Robert Reich: Avoid raising taxes, but a pledge is irresponsible.
    Al Gore: Claim that every family is eligible for tax cut is unlikely.
    Al Gore: Claim that Bush benefits “top 1%” only true with estate tax.
    Ralph Nader: Put meat in the process of progressive taxation.
    Bill Bradley: Allied with Reagan to pass 1986 tax overhaul.
    John McCain: Big money interests fear closing loopholes.
    George W. Bush: Keep charitable deduction as incentive for giving.
    John McCain: Remove charitable deduction; it only benefits rich.
    Bill Bradley: Honesty compels avoiding ‘no new taxes’ pledge.
    Donald Trump: One-time 14.25% tax on wealth, to erase national debt.
    Donald Trump: Tax assets over $10 million, paid over 10 years.
    Gary Bauer: 20% cut in Soc.Sec. tax; raise business tax to compensate.
    Gary Bauer: Taxes today are higher than in WWII, Middle Ages, or Bible.
    Gary Bauer: Deduct charity & mortgage; cut capital gains & estate taxes.
    Al Gore: $792B tax cut is a “risky tax scheme”.
    George W. Bush: Vows to reduce marginal tax rates.
    Mitt Romney: Pledges not to raise taxes.
    Christy Mihos: Sell naming rights to Big Dig bridge.
    Al Gore: Tighten privacy protections over medical information.
    Steve Grossman: Supports Internet voting, to encourage youth participation.
War & Peace
    Jeb Bush: 1971: Registered for draft but never got drafted.
    Jeb Bush: 1971: Ambivalent about Vietnam, but would have served.
    Barack Obama: FactCheck: Opposes surge--hasn’t produced political solution.
    Barack Obama: FactCheck: Pakistan has lost 1,200 troops fighting Al Qaeda.
    Barack Obama: FactCheck: Kissinger says Iran meet ok; but only lower level.
    John McCain: FactCheck: Bush vetoed troop bill that Obama voted against.
    Barack Obama: Congress decides deployment level & duration, not president.
    Barack Obama: No action against Iran without Congressional authorization.
    Bill Richardson: Only Congress has authority to declare war on Iran.
    John McCain: Strategic bombing of Iran OK only if imminent threat.
    John McCain: Congress can only declare war; not micromanage wars.
    Ron Paul: No presidential authority to bomb Iran without Congress.
    Ron Paul: Congress can defund war, but not micromanage it.
    Niki Tsongas: War costs $15 million an hour; time to change course.
    Ed O`Reilly: Kerry was wrong to vote to authorize Iraq war.
    John Kerry: Regrets nothing more that his 2002 vote for Iraq War.
    George W. Bush: President, not Congress, decides on Iraq investigations.
    John Kerry: Kerry’s C.O. says Kerry deserved his Silver Star?
    John Kerry: Man Kerry rescued says Kerry deserved his Bronze Star.
    John Kerry: Kerry saves life under fire, awarded Bronze Star.
    John Kerry: Anti-Vietnam but not left-wing anti-war.
    John Kerry: Supported 1998 missile attacks against Afghanistan & Sudan.
    John Kerry: Afghanistan incursion justified and not the same as Vietnam.
    Wesley Clark: Committed to survival and preservation of Israel.
    Shannon O'Brien: $3 million to assess threat against water supplies.
    Pat Buchanan: Doesn’t matter to US whose flag flies over Jerusalem.
    Ralph Nader: Wage peace and anticipate conflicts abroad.
    Dick Cheney: US too soft on Iraq.
    Dick Cheney: Iran: against sanctions; makes oil deals there.
    George W. Bush: No deadline for removing troops from Kosovo.
    Pat Buchanan: Endorses Arafat as Palestine Pres., despite “repulsiveness”.
    Pat Buchanan: Kuwait: Predicted a “Korea-style bloodbath”.
    Bill Bradley: Should have foreseen & prevented Yugoslav actions.
    Al Gore: Serbs committing crimes against humanity.
    Bill Bradley: Against intervention.
Welfare & Poverty
    Kerry Healey: Faith-based organizations ok for providing social services.
    Mitt Romney: Faith-based programs to provide social services.
    Ralph Nader: Charity work is good; but politics addresses root causes.
    Ralph Nader: Domestic Marshall Plan to abolish poverty.
    Dick Cheney: Bush’s call for charity not heeded by Cheney’s 2% donations.
    Dick Cheney: Voted against WIC welfare nutrition programs.
    Bill Bradley: Opposed 1996 Welfare Reform; now “wait & see” how it’s used.
    George W. Bush: Remove tax “tollbooths” for poor single moms.
    George W. Bush: “No-strings” vouchers for religious groups to do charity.
    Bill Bradley: Economy, not laws, changed welfare stats.
    Pat Buchanan: Corporations are “amoral behemoths”.
    Bill Bradley: Fundamental changes in welfare law needed.
    Mitt Romney: Would require welfare recipients to work.

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