Tim Michels on War & Peace

2004 former Republican Senate Challenger

Trained to fight insurgents like in Iraq and Afghanistan

Michels says, "I think what's most important is training I had. I've been trained to fight the type of insurgents that we're facing in Iraq and Afghanistan right now." Aside from the political spins and the television commercial contents, I asked Michels what one thing about him few people know. "People always tell me, 'You need to tell everybody you were commander of the guard at the tomb of the unknown soldier.' It's something that comes with both a great deal of honor and responsibility."
Source: WBAY Action 2 news Interview Sep 14, 2004

Best equipped, best trained forces in the world

Michels says, "When it comes to terrorism we can never let down our guard," Michels said. "I will support renewal of the Patriot Act. I will work to ensure that our troops have everything they need to be successful in the global war on terrorism, & that local law enforcement officials have the tools they need to stop terrorists from taking any more innocent lives." Pledged Michels: "I will make sure our armed forces continue to be the best equipped, the best trained and the most respected in the world."
Source: Press Release, "Veterans Support" Aug 3, 2004

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