Rudy Giuliani on War & Peace

You are either with civilization or with terrorism

In an impassioned call for action, Mayor Rudolph Giuliani told the United Nations today that it was time “to draw the line” against terrorism and to hold accountable any nation that supports or condones it, “or you will fail in your primary mission as peacekeepers.”

“You are either with civilization or with terrorism,” he said in a speech before the start of a weeklong General Assembly debate on terrorism. “This is not a time for further study or vague directives,” he insisted. “Look at that destruction, that massive, senseless, cruel loss of human life, and then I ask you to look in your hearts and recognize that there is no room for neutrality on the issue of terrorism.“

He said that the era of ”moral relativism“ between those who practice or condone terrorism and those stand up against it must end. ”There is no moral way to synthesize with grossly immoral actions, and by trying to do that, unfortunately a fertile ground has been created in which terrorism has grown.“

Source: Terence Neilan, NY Times Oct 1, 2001

No need to understand reasons for terrorism-just stop them

Rudy Giuliani told the United Nations, “Let those who say we must understand the reasons for terrorism come with me to the thousands of funerals we’re having in New York City-thousands-and explain those insane, maniacal reasons to the children who will grow up without fathers and mothers, and to the parents who have had their children ripped from them for no reason at all. Instead, I ask each of you to allow me to say at those funerals that your nation stands with America in making a solemn promise and pledge that we will achieve unconditional victory over terrorism and terrorists.“

Giuliani praised ”as a very good first step“ the Security Council’s recent unanimous passage of Resolution 1373, which adopted wide-ranging antiterrorism measures. The mayor said he was also pleased that the UN [agreed to] cut off terrorists from their funding. ”Now it’s up to the member states to enforce this to take away their financial basis and reduce their ability to carry out complex missions.“

Source: Terence Neilan, NY Times Oct 1, 2001

Iraq: More inspections; counter OPEC’s oil production cuts

Giuliani criticized the Clinton administration as “unfocused on foreign policy,” referring to its “failure to have any inspections in Iraq in a year.” He also called for the spigot on the Strategic Petroleum Reserve to be opened to counter OPEC’s yearlong cut in oil production. Giuliani said that his criticisms had prompted President Clinton to announce today a fresh federal allocation of $125 million in emergency cash subsidies to help poor people pay for heating oil.
Source: Thomas Lueck, New York Times Feb 17, 2000

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