Rae Vogeler on Homeland Security


Our civil liberties are disappearing

Q: Do you think the Patriot Act harms civil liberties?

A: Yes, strongly. The people of the United States have long been proud of our civil liberties.but those liberties are disappearing. While our government states it is spreading 'freedom' to other lands, it is moving rapidly to curtail our freedom at home. It has engaged in warrantless surveillance programs, domestic spying programs, 'disappearing' of suspects, incarceration without due process and sadly, torture. It has created secret prisons, military tribunals, and routinely listens in phone calls and examines e-mails. Proposals are afoot to establish a national identity card system. These are not the actions of a free government, nor are they the hallmarks of a democracy. If we do not act to defend our liberties, we risk losing them forever. And if we will not defend the freedoms of others, we will undermine our own claim on freedom.

Source: Email interview with OnTheIssues.org Oct 1, 2006

Repeal the Patriot Act

Source: Email interview with OnTheIssues.org Oct 1, 2006

Military spending has not made us safer nor better-off

Q: Do you support or oppose more spending on armed forces?

A: Strongly Oppose. The United States spends as much on its military as the rest of the world combined. Yet our military has not made us safer - we have been involved in more wars in the last century than any other country in the world. Nor has our military spending made us more economically sound. Our military drains funds that could be used at home for education, healthcare and social programs.

Source: Email interview with OnTheIssues.org Oct 1, 2006

Shift military spending to social programs at home

Our leaders justify military action by arguing that "we are spreading democracy and freedom" overseas. But ask yourself, "Can either be forced on people at the point of a gun?" Attacking other countries is more likely to result in hatred and resistance.

Our leaders frequently pursue goals that are far less noble than spreading freedom and democracy. They seek to gain control over raw materials, like Iraqi oil. They aim to ensure U.S. corporations have access to cheap labor and foreign markets. And sadly, our leaders have shown time and again that they will support governments that comply with their wishes, whether those governments are democracies or dictatorships.

If we want peace and security, we need to embrace a new foreign policy: one that is based on cooperation and dialog, not confrontation and control. Military spending should be redirected to create jobs, to fully fund education from pre-K through college and to provide universal health care.

Source: Email interview with OnTheIssues.org Oct 1, 2006

Redirect the military budget to social programs

Redirect the military budget to education, job creation and affordable housing: Half of all military spending in the world is done by the United States. Money to pay for it all has come by defunding programs that help our communities and our people at home. It's pushed our country into massive debt. It's time we started investing in our future.
Source: Campaign website, www.voterae.org, "Platform" Jan 25, 2006

Fully fund veterans' benefits

Fully fund veterans' benefits: While the government has been talking about supporting the men and women in the armed forces, they have been actively cutting benefits for veterans. Those who fight our government's wars deserve our respect and our commitment to adequate compensation and benefits.
Source: Campaign website, www.voterae.org, "Platform" Jan 25, 2006

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