Inez Tenenbaum on Free Trade

Cheap imports are putting our people out of work

TENENBAUM: "It's the cheap imports that are putting our people out of work," Tenenbaum said.

DEMINT: DeMint agreed that when plants close, "it's a tragedy," but he said the answer is not to look back to a textile industry that has been dying for generations. "We need to make sure in South Carolina there are enough jobs for our people," he said. Key to growing jobs is improving education, and that is where Tenenbaum has failed as state education superintendent, DeMint said.

Source: [Xref Tenenbaum] SC Senate Debate in The State Oct 25, 2004

Trade Impact Statement: analyze impact on US economy

With South Carolina losing more then 70,000 jobs in the last three years, Inez has pledged to put a halt to unfair trade that has shipped our jobs overseas. She would also help create an Assistant Attorney General for Trade Enforcement to enhance the federal government's commitment to enforcing our trade laws and agreements. Inez would require the President to develop a Trade Impact Statement analyzing the potential impact on the U.S. economy before negotiating any future trade deal.
Source: Campaign website, inez2004.com Aug 15, 2004

Moratorium on new trade agreements

Inez supports an immediate moratorium on new trade agreements, including the proposed Central American Free Trade Agreement, until the economy adjusts to existing agreements. She would revoke the fast-track trade promotion authority that allows the president to speed approval of trade agreements.
Source: Campaign website, inez2004.com Aug 15, 2004

Stop the offshoring of jobs and create new jobs at home

Tenenbaum would stop entering new trade agreements without a full understanding of their impact on SC, and get tough on countries like China that undermine fair trade. To stop the offshoring of jobs from SC and create new jobs here at home, Tenenbaum has proposed an immediate reduction in the corporate tax rates for American manufacturers, large and small. She would work to provide tax credits and accelerated depreciation for new investments in plants and equipment.
Source: Campaign website, inez2004.com, "Issues" May 11, 2004

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