Doris Haddock on War & Peace

Iraq war was a mistake that never should have happened

Haddock said she feared Bush would become involved in "one war after another." She has advocated pulling US troops out of Iraq rapidly and replacing them with an international peacekeeping force. "The young men and women there are in a shooting gallery, that we've lost over a thousand of them - and God knows how many Iraqi people we've lost," she said. "I think that the war was a mistake, and I'm sorry that it ever had to happen."
Source: NH Senate Debate, in Associated Press Oct 22, 2004

Oppose the Iraq war but support the $87 billion supplemental

GREGG: Asked when the troops would come home, Gregg said when Iraq can function as a democracy and can protect itself. "Nobody really knows the timetable, but obviously we are working in the right direction," Gregg said.

HADDOCK: Haddock said, "Mr. Gregg is in favor of this mistaken and unnecessary war and I oppose it." But she said she supports the $87 billion that Bush asked Congress to approve to support the troops.

Source: [Xref Gregg] NH Senate Debate, in The Union Leader Oct 21, 2004

We cannot afford to blast our way to peace

To save billions of our tax dollars for the many more necessary uses, it is important that we secure peaceful and just resolutions to international areas of conflict. We cannot afford to blast our way to peace-it doesn't work and causes more damage to our budget than to our perceived enemies. It creates greater security exposures in the future, with ongoing costs to those budgets.
Source: Campaign website, GrannyD.com, "On The Issues" Sep 1, 2004

War in Iraq based on promoting unreliable information

On Iraq: We should not have gone in-it is clear that the Bush Administration used and promoted unreliable information-some of which was known to be false-in order to pursue an unnecessary war. We have lost nearly a thousand Americans, and tens of thousands of Iraqis, many of them innocent men, women & children, have been killed, though they offered not threat to us an never expressed the slightest threat or even dislike of us before the unwarranted attack. History will judge Bush harshly on this.
Source: Campaign website, GrannyD.com, "On The Issues" Sep 1, 2004

Withdraw US troops from Iraq via UN negotiations

We should withdraw our 150,000 troops as soon as possible. I believe third parties could negotiate a cease fire between the US and militia groups on the condition that the cease fire is to allow the US troops to leave, and UN peacekeepers to enter. Peacekeepers need peace to keep, so the idea would hinge upon an effective ceasefire. It could be negotiated as soon as a new US President is in office, and probably no sooner, as Bush does not enjoy the trust of the international community.
Source: Campaign website, GrannyD.com, "On The Issues" Sep 1, 2004

Avoid the short noisy road of empire

We are poised now at a parting of the road. One path leads where powerful nations have gone before. It is the road of silver and blood-the short, noisy road of empire. The other is a path no great nation has taken before. The only way we can take this less traveled road it to blow the ashes off the still living fire of our American Revolution-where the people naturally rise against great and oppressive forces and reassert the human heart, human freedom and our highest values as a people.

The only way we can steer our ship of state on this new and unmarked path is if we have the wheel in our own hands, and that is what we are doing here today & in 10,000 ways across our country, where patriots meet and plan against the new King George of a runaway government, hijacked by powerful economic interests who care nothing for all the things we care for.

It is a revolution and it may come to blows, though we look first and always for the peaceful way, as peace has more power by far when used rightly.

Source: Speech at Robert Frost's Farm in Derry NH Aug 20, 2004

No WMDs & no al-Qaeda connection so no need to invade Iraq

Opposed the intervention in Iraq, on the grounds that Iraq was being successfully disarmed by UN and US inspectors, and that the inspectors reported no weapons of mass destruction remaining in Iraq. Further opposed on the grounds that no serious link was clear between 9-11 & Iraq-certainly a clearer link existed between 9-11 and Saudi Arabia and other countries. It was clear, long before Bush attacked Iraq, that the attack would be a disaster in terms of human lives and America's position in the world.
Source: Campaign website, GrannyD.com, "Issues" Jul 10, 2004

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