Doris Haddock on Energy & Oil

Aggressive program for renewable energy

When the oil supply becomes a problem in the world, as it certainly will, there will be a great pressure to burn more coal. We need to head that off now with an aggressive program to move toward renewable energy and toward greater energy efficiency. There is currently no meaningful leadership in Washington on these issues, and Mr. Gregg has only danced around the margins of the issue. He brings home some studies here and some more protected acres there, while he fiddles with Bush as the world burns.
Source: Campaign website, GrannyD.com, "On The Issues" Sep 1, 2004

Sign the Kyoto Accord and reduce energy usage

We must develop the truly renewable energy resources, most notably solar, wind and the various hydrogen technologies. We also must reduce our use of electricity, and can easily do so. Most modern nations use half the BTU's of energy as do we. We must sign the Kyoto Accord for the reduction of greenhouse gasses, of course-but we must do much more, and must do it quickly. The jobs that will be developed will provide an important new base of American jobs, if we act quickly enough.
Source: Campaign website, GrannyD.com, "On The Issues" Sep 1, 2004

Releasing so much CO2 leads to disaster

The US accounts for about 5% of the world's population, but we consume a quarter of the world's oil and approximately that percentage of many other of the world's resources. If we raise the entire world to our standard of living and of consumption, [if we all] have SUV's and 100-watt toothbrushes, we will be back to swamps and beachwear in no time. It may be entertaining for a while, with its tropical drinks with little umbrellas, but our great coastal cities may someday be awash and many people, forced to migrate, may perish in famine and unimaginable violence and anarchy, or unimaginable authoritarianism. And it is not out there in the distant future; it may begin in some form in this century.

Now it should not take too much effort to see all this, as nearly all the scientists of the world agree that we are releasing more carbon into the atmosphere than the atmosphere can bear without changing, and that will mean a disruption of our agriculture, to be sure.

Source: Speech at the Hightower Rolling Thunder Chatauqua Apr 30, 2003

Addiction to oil and coal distorts international politics

The poles of our earth are melting and our mad addiction to oil and coal are distorting our international politics, leading us to do great harm to other people around the world, and prompting the destruction of our own air, jobs and communities. We come to a time now when our planet and its atmosphere and its oceans & rivers & its fragile web of living creatures are most at risk and yet our leaders are remarkably and nightmarishly unwilling to lead us with creativity or even with simple sanity.
Source: Earth Day Speech at The American University, Washington, DC Apr 19, 2002

Sustainable energy in 15 years

Let's stop arguing among ourselves just long enough to make an agreement that will make the coal operators shit in their Brooks Brothers pants. Let's agree that the last lump of coal burned in the United States will be burned no later than fifteen years from this day. Let's insist upon solar energy and other sustainable energies. The Middle East and Venezuela and Afghanistan and the blue sky above us will all be friendly territory if we no longer are the mad addicts clawing the world over for another pound of coal, another barrel of oil. Keep your eye on the blue-green ball and make a personal promise to yourself and your children that you will do what you can in the next fifteen years to end this fossil fuel dark age.
Source: Earth Day Speech at The American University, Washington, DC Apr 19, 2002

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