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No UN diplomacy with Iran--plausibly threaten force

Efforts at a kinder, gentler approach to the madmen who run Iran have failed miserably. Iran has again and again humiliated the Europeans. The Iranians have deceived and defied Europe, proclaiming their devotion to peace while building the foundation for a nuclear weapons program.

What should America do? We should begin with peaceful means, but not with the European style diplomacy Feinstein admires so much. If we want "tough diplomacy" we won't find it in Europe.

As usual, the outlook is no better at the United Nations. The best we can expect the Security Council to do is "a little bit defuse the situation." We need to do a lot more than that but while diplomats talk about "building coalitions," everyone sits around, doing nothing and secretly hoping that America will solve the problem on its own.

The only kind of diplomacy that will get the attention of Iran's fanatical leaders is diplomacy backed up by a quiet but plausible threat of the use of force.

Source: Campaign website, www.MountjoyForSenate.com, "About Iran" May 7, 2006

Opposes cut-and-run platform

So General Dianne Feinstein wants President Bush to fire Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld and pull our troops out of Iraq. When it was the politically popular thing to do, Feinstein voted to give the President the power to use military force against Iraq. When our troops quickly defeated Hussein, she found nothing to criticize in the policies of President Bush and Secretary Rumsfeld. But when the going got tough, Feinstein's knees got weak. Now she wants to "transition the mission." That's a politically correct way of saying she wants to take the coward's way out -- to "cut and run", to leave the good people of Iraq at the mercy of merciless terrorists who murder children on their way to school. Let Feinstein and all the Democrats run on the "cut and run" platform this year. Then we'll see what the American people really think about the war.
Source: Press release, "Email To Friend: Feinstein's Knees Get Weak" Mar 28, 2006

We'll never know if Saddam had WMDs

In 2003, President George Bush had the courage to finish the business left unfinished by Bill Clinton. President Bush believed-just as Bill Clinton had believed-that Hussein had weapons of mass destruction. But unlike Clinton, he was determined to disarm Hussein once and for all. We will never know whether Hussein still had his weapons of mass destruction. He may have slipped them out of the country before the war or they may lie hidden in the vast deserts of Iraq. But this we do know: Saddam Hussein will never again threaten anyone.

For Feinstein and her friends on the radical left, what's good for the American people is bad for them. They believe they can only win the next election if America loses this war - a war that Feinstein authorized by her vote in 2002. Fortunately, for the American people and the Iraqi people, George Bush doesn't take advice - about his Secretary of Defense or anything else - from Feinstein and Friends. He will not surrender. We will win this war.

Source: Press release, "Email To Friend: Feinstein's Knees Get Weak" Mar 28, 2006

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