David Redick on Homeland Security

Republican Senate Challenger

Reduce military spending by having fewer political wars

Q: Should we spend more on armed forces?

A: no, reduce it; just do fewer/no wars started by politicians for economic or political goals.

Source: Email interview with OnTheIssues.org Mar 6, 2006

Supports missile defense system

Q: What about missile defense (Star Wars)?

A: OK to spend on basic system for defense, but with primary focus on negotiation for reduction of missiles by US and all perceived enemies.

Source: Email interview with OnTheIssues.org Mar 6, 2006

Terrorists don't hate our way of life--it's about occupation

A further fabrication was that 9-11 occurred because the bombers hated our way of life. This doesn't make sense to anyone who has studied Middle East events since the Crusades of the ninth century and in particular since the creation of Israel in 1948. Indeed, in his `Letter to the American People' in Nov-04, Osama stated that his reasons for 9-11 were; 1) US bases in Saudi Arabia, 2) extreme US support of Israel, 3) bombing of Iraq for ten years, and 4) support of the corrupt Saudi royal family and sale of oil at low prices, denominated only in US dollars (a deal made by FDR in 1945). A study done at the University of Chicago shows that the primary reason driving suicide terrorists is opposition to occupying troops in their homeland (not religion), which we had done for many years in Saudi Arabia. Yet Bush pushes the fabrication that `they hate our way of life' as a diversion from the truth.
Source: Campaign website, www.redick2006.com, "Issues" Feb 22, 2006

Stop meddling with foreign nations to stop creating enemies

The vast `War on Terror' was created primarily as a cover to give U.S. empire builders the authority to increase their control by meddling in the affairs of other nations worldwide. A better solution is to stop interfering in the internal affairs of other nations so that we don't create enemies.
Source: Campaign website, www.redick2006.com, "Issues" Feb 22, 2006

Withdraw from 100 military bases abroad

We should withdraw from most of our bases in over 100 countries worldwide. Bush and his team don't want to withdraw from anywhere because they want to control Iraq (via a puppet President), control more oil, and continue to keep building an Empire worldwide. Dave believes in strong defense, but not costly and useless wars that can be avoided with no harm to us.
Source: Campaign website, www.redick2006.com, "Issues" Feb 22, 2006

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