Betty Castor on War & Peace

Finish the job in Iraq, repair relations with other nations

Now that the US is in Iraq, it has to finish the job, but it also has to repair relations with other nations. We have got to continue to fight to get back that high ground and that respect among other nations.
Source: Florida Senate Debate, on News4Jax.com Oct 19, 2004

Ensure that Afghanistan and Iraq are safe and secure

Betty knows that we must ensure that Afghanistan and Iraq are safe and secure from terrorists, while still protecting our men and women in the armed forces. To this end, the U.S. must cooperate with the international community to secure a lasting peace. With international cooperation, Betty believes that we can achieve secure and sovereign democracies in both of these countries.
Source: Campaign website, bettynet.com, "Issues" Sep 25, 2004

Terrorism-free Israel and then a viable Palestine

Betty knows that peace in the Middle East is inextricably tied to a peaceful resolution of the conflict between Israel and the Palestinians. The first responsibility is to ensure that Israel is safe and free from terrorism. Betty supports a viable & democratic Palestinian state. But before a peaceful and democratic state is possible, there must be Palestinian leadership in place that is committed to reducing terror and achieving peace. This is all possible only with a strong US presence.
Source: Campaign website, bettynet.com, "Issues" Sep 25, 2004

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