Barbara Radnofsky on Free Trade


Fair trade policy and reduced reliance on China

Source: Campaign website, www.radnofsky.com, "Issue chart" Apr 23, 2006

Promote fair trade with incentives to keep jobs at home

We must stop rewarding companies for shipping American jobs overseas. The private sector must be a robust engine for our economy, but the government must help create the conditions under which our hard working citizens can prosper. We must promote fair trade. We must provide proper incentives for US businesses to keep jobs at home, and we must require US businesses to adhere to fair wage and treatment of overseas workers.
Source: Campaign website, www.radnofsky.com, "Issues" Sep 14, 2005

CAFTA sucks away our jobs and pollutes our environment

Q: How would you do anything differently on the Central America Free Trade Agreement?

A: The provisions in CAFTA and many of these trade agreements give an unfair leg up to foreign corporations who are allowed to escape the laws of the host state in which they function, and the only criteria by which they are judged is economic parity. Sure, it makes it easier for outsiders, but what it does is suck away our jobs, pollutes our environment, and doesn't promote fair trade.

Source: Interview by Damon McCullar of Burnt Orange Report Aug 7, 2005

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