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Prioritize reading in early education

Our reform agenda is clear. First, every child needs to read at an early age, so they can learn every year thereafter. Under my plan, to give our kids the best start possible, we'll expand pre-K--which has tripled so far on my watch--and build $5 million worth of new pre-K classrooms throughout the State. And we'll add $10 million in new reading interventions, specifically for students in chronically struggling schools.
Source: 2016 State of the State speech to New Mexico legislature , Jan 19, 2016

Change higher education system to boost graduation rates

Our kids are taking too much time, taking too many credits, spending too much money, and ultimately not graduating. Consequently, entry into the workforce is delayed, student debt is high, and we have too few college graduates. That's why universities are adopting tuition incentives for any student who graduates in four years and working to limit all degree programs to 120 credit hours; We're improving how credits transfer among institutions and providing better counselling.
Source: 2016 State of the State speech to New Mexico legislature , Jan 19, 2016

The Bridge: joint high school diploma and associate's degree

We have an obligation to focus on raising our graduation rate and better prepare our high school students for New Mexico's workforce or for college.

Let me tell you about a program called the Bridge. The Bridge program was created in response to the gaps that existed between the needs of a 21st century economy and the preparedness of high school graduates in Dona Ana County. It's a partnership between the local business community, their community college, and their public schools. Together, they established the state's first early college high school. Every student who will graduate from this school not only earns a high school diploma, but they also earn an associate's degree and, in some cases, a work-ready certificate. That student is ready to be hired.

Since the Bridge Program has been operating, not one student has dropped out. This session, I'm pursuing a plan to take what the Bridge has accomplished in Dona Ana County and bring it to other areas of New Mexico.

Source: 2013 State of the State address to N.M. Legislature , Jan 15, 2013

$13.5M for New Mexico Reads to Lead

With last year's "New Mexico Reads to Lead" investment, we hired reading coaches and were able to train nearly 2 thousand educators in methods proven to produce better readers. This year I propose we expand the "New Mexico Reads to Lead" program from $8.5 million to $13.5 million.

Our focus is on struggling schools--on offering a hand-up to those who need help. That's why I'm proposing $4.7 million in school turnaround programs to close the gap between high-performing schools and schools that are struggling.

I want school districts to know and I want parents to know that I have heard their calls for more math and science teachers in New Mexico schools, particularly in low-income areas. We have an exciting initiative to dedicate $2 million to recruit more math and science teachers, to move scientists and engineers to the classroom and to entice college graduates through loan forgiveness programs.

Source: 2013 State of the State address to N.M. Legislature , Jan 15, 2013

$97M to improve our local schools; invest in reform

Exactly half of the [proposed budget's] new spending--$97 million--is targeted toward improving our local schools. But it's not just throwing more money at the status quo. It's an investment in reform, an investment in initiatives that are designed to get results and improve student performance.

We took some very important first steps in education reform. Just last week, we announced the preliminary, baseline grades for New Mexico schools. They will continue to be fine-tuned as we work with school districts to finalize the results. By this summer, every school will receive an official letter grade--A, B, C, D, or F. Finally, we have a school rating system that is uniquely our own. Not a one-size-fits-all federal system, but rather an honest assessment of how our children are learning and improving--a way to identify struggling schools, so we can get them the help they need.

Source: 2012 New Mexico State of the State Address , Jan 17, 2012

$17M for reading reforms; don't pass failing kids

80% of our fourth-graders cannot read proficiently. Passing children who can't read from one grade to the next is not compassionate. It is morally wrong. Let's do something about it.

Holding children back is not the goal. The goal is for every child to learn the basics and to identify and help those who struggle before the third grade. We build a child's self-esteem not by convincing them that accepting failure is okay but by showing them that they can reach any goal by offering a helping hand when they struggle so they learn to never give up, to persevere, and to ultimately triumph and succeed.

And here's how we'll do it. My plan this year calls for a $17 million investment in reading reforms. Teachers will assess children early on--in kindergarten, first, second grade. And those students who are struggling will get immediate help in these early years--more tutoring, more individual attention. We'll put more reading coaches in elementary schools.

Source: 2012 New Mexico State of the State Address , Jan 17, 2012

Keep great teachers by retention rewards

In order to provide the best possible education for children, we must bring excellent teachers into our classrooms and we must keep them there. Throwing money at a subpar system simply has not produced the results that our students, teachers, and parents deserve. A task force will develop a plan to find, reward, and retain great teachers who can give our students an education that will prepare them for success in college, in the workforce, and in life.
Source: 2011 N.M. gubernatorial press release #110519-1 , May 19, 2011

A-F school grading system will increase transparency

The new bills create a transparent A-F grading system that parents, educators and community members can easily understand.

Strengthening accountability and increasing transparency in our schools are the keys to improving the quality of education we offer every child in New Mexico. By recognizing progress and aiding struggling schools, we will give principals and teachers the tools they need to help students succeed.

Source: 2011 N.M. gubernatorial press release #110316_2 , Mar 16, 2011

Kids First, New Mexico Wins: 4 key initiatives

    I propose a comprehensive reform package that will transform our schools. Our "Kids First, New Mexico Wins" plan is comprised of four key initiatives.
  1. We will get money out of the bureaucracy and into the classroom. Today, only 61 cents of every education dollar makes it to the classroom. Wasting money on lawyers in the Public Education Dept. does nothing to help a child read. By cutting waste & inefficiency in the bureaucracy, we will increase the percentage of funds that reach classrooms.
  2. We will adopt an easy-to-understand, easy-to-implement system of grading. Schools will be assigned letter grades A, B, C, D or F. And these grades will be posted to the Web. That's real accountability that will yield real results.
  3. We will end social promotion, the practice of passing children from one grade to the next before they have mastered the basics. The New Mexico "Ready for Success" initiative will get struggling students the help they need before we pass them on to the next grade.
Source: 2011 New Mexico State of the State Address , Jan 18, 2011

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