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Teachers ignore their kids when they protest for pensions

{GOP opponent] Rep. Robert Goforth said Bevin has insulted Kentuckians: "We need a governor who leads more than he lambasts," Goforth said. "People are tired of being ridiculed, maligned and just talked down to."

Bevin at times has strongly criticized those who don't agree with him, saying at one point, for instance, that somewhere in Kentucky a child was sexually assaulted after being left home alone while teachers were in Frankfort to protest changes in their pension system.

Bevin later apologized for that slap at teachers, but on another occasion used the words "selfish" and "ignorant" in talking about opponents of the pension changes.

Source: Louisville Courier-Journal on 2019 Kentucky governor race , Jan 8, 2019

Czar to overhaul state foster care and adoption programs

He promised to appoint a "czar" to overhaul the state's foster care and adoption programs, saying they will become a model for the rest of the nation. "If you are going to be a foster child anywhere in this country, you are going to want to be a foster child in Kentucky," Bevin said.

Bevin also listed people he doesn't want to live in Kentucky, saying the justice system must crack down on people who "abuse the system," drug dealers, people who don't respect law enforcement and "deadbeat Dads." In particular, he said he will focus on increasing the amount of money counties collect from what he called "deadbeat dads," pointing out that Lee County only collects 29 percent of their child support money while Morgan County, which collects the highest percentage, collects 78 percent.

Source: 2017 Kentucky State of the State address , Feb 8, 2017

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