Ed Thompson on Drugs

Former Libertarian Challenger WI Governor

Drug offendors never hurt anybody else

Unjust and racially biased enforcement of drug laws are doing more harm than good when it comes to this important health-related issue. Roughly half the people crowding prisons are there for nonviolent drug offenses: people who didn't hurt anybody else. Ed believes this is just plain stupid and that prisons are for people who would do harm to you and the people you love, or who would take from you and your family those things you've worked so hard to earn.
Source: Campaign web site, EdThompson.com, "Issues" Jun 6, 2002

Drug offendors get therapy, not prison

Taxpayers would save billions of dollars and citizens would better be able to seek therapy if nonviolent drug offenses were removed from the criminal justice system and the priority placed on those who do harm to you and your loved ones.
Source: Campaign web site, EdThompson.com, "Issues" Jun 6, 2002

Allow medical marijuana

Ed believes that allowing sick and suffering patients to use medical marijuana in consultation with their own physicians is right. The people of Wisconsin support this measure. In fact, the people all across America support this measure. In every single jurisdiction - from Maine to California - where the issue was placed before the voters, the people have said that the right to chose medications and therapies belongs in the hands of doctors and patients, not politicians and bureaucrats.
Source: Campaign web site, EdThompson.com, "Issues" Jun 6, 2002

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