Donald Carcieri on Immigration

Republican RI Governor


Require E-Verify for all state employment & business

Q: What is the purpose of the Governor's Executive Order that everyone is talking about?

A: The purpose is to take some limited measures to control illegal immigration, by mandating five things:

  1. That the State use the Federal E-Verify system to ensure that all people who work for the state are authorized to work in the US.
  2. That all companies who do business with the State use the Federal E-Verify system to ensure that all people who work for them are authorized to work in the US.
  3. That the Parole Board and the Department of Corrections work cooperatively with Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) to provide for the parole and deportation of criminal aliens.
  4. That the State Police receive training and work cooperatively with ICE in the enforcement of federal immigration laws.
  5. That all departments of the State notify any person whose identity has been improperly used to receive any benefit (i.e., to protect individuals against identity fraud).
    Source: Press release from governor's office, "FAQ on immigration" , Mar 27, 2008

    State laws needed because US Congress has failed to act

    Q: Why did the Governor issue this Executive Order on illegal immigration?

    A: The Governor issued this Executive Order for three reasons:

    • The US Congress has failed to pass comprehensive immigration legislation. Because of that, problems surrounding the presence of people who are in the US illegally remain unresolved. The problems caused by the presence of illegal immigrants include depression of wages & loss of jobs for authorized workers, as well as increased costs of hospitals, prisons, schools, and housing.
    • A system that encourages the presence of illegal immigrants keeps many thousands of people living at the margins of society with their uncertain status. Setting controls on illegal immigration will at least stop the growth of the number of people who are living so tenuously and limit the activity of those who would take advantage of them.
    • Unless immigration laws are enforced, unfair scrutiny and treatment will, unfortunately, be more common.
    Source: Press release from governor's office, "FAQ on immigration" , Mar 27, 2008

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