George W. Bush on War & Peace

George W. Bush on Mideast

Arafat should limit protests; terrorists should pay a price

On the renewed flare up of Arab-Israeli violence in the West Bank and Gaza, Bush said, “It’s time for our nation to speak with one voice.” Bush told reporters he “appreciates” efforts made by the Clinton administration to mediate the conflict. Bush also said that it is time for Arafat “to be a statesman” and convince Palestinian protesters to “put down their rocks.” For the most part, Bush avoided attacks on Gore. Campaign aides described the situation confronting the United States as extremely tense, and that it would be unwise for them to throw fuel on the fire.

On the USS Cole attack, Bush said, “I am saddened and angered by the cowardly attack on this naval vessel in Yemen. First, our prayers go to the families. It is a constant reminder that people wearing uniforms make sacrifices.” Bush said the Clinton administration must “find out the facts” so that the U.S. can take appropriate steps. “There must be a consequence,” Bush said.

Source: New York Times Oct 15, 2000

Iraq: Rebuild coalition to pressure Saddam

GORE: We have to keep a weather eye toward Saddam Hussein because he’s taking advantage of this situation [in Israel] to once again make threats and he needs to understand that he’s not only dealing with Israel, he is dealing with us.

BUSH: The coalition against Saddam has fallen apart or it’s unraveling, let’s put it that way. The sanctions are being violated. We don’t know whether he’s developing weapons of mass destruction. He better not be or there’s going to be a consequence, should I be the president.

Q: You could get him out of there?

BUSH: I’d like to, of course. But it’s going to be important to rebuild that coalition to keep the pressure on him.

Q: You feel that as a failure of the Clinton administration?

BUSH: I do.

GORE: We have maintained the sanctions. I want to go further. I want to give robust support to the groups that are trying to overthrow Saddam Hussein. Some say they’re too weak to do it. But that’s what they said about those opposing Milosevic in Serbia.

Source: (X-ref Gore) Presidential Debate at Wake Forest University Oct 11, 2000

Reach out to moderate Arab nations

It’s important to reach out to moderate Arab nations, like Jordan and Egypt, Saudi Arabia and Kuwait. It’s important to be friends with people when you don’t need each other so that when you do there’s a strong bond of friendship. And that’s going to be particular important in dealing not only with situations such as now occurring in Israel,. It’s important to have credibility and credibility is formed by being strong with your friends and resolute in your determination.
Source: Presidential Debate at Wake Forest University Oct 11, 2000

Israel’s capital should be in Jerusalem

Bush addressed the annual convention of B’nai B’rith International in Washington and renewed his support for moving the U.S. Embassy from outside Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, “the city Israel has chosen as its capital.”
Source: Kelley Shannon (AP), NY Times Aug 28, 2000

Israel: America should be a stronger friend

“In recent times, Washington has tried to make Israel conform to its own plans and timetables,” the Texas governor told an audience of more than 1,000 at the annual meeting of the American Israel Public Affairs Committee. “But this is not the path to peace.” Bush repeated his vow to move the US Embassy to Jerusalem. Bush also said that Iran should be held responsible for the treatment of the 13 Iranian Jews imprisoned in that country on espionage charges.
Source: T. Christian Miller; L.A. Times May 23, 2000

Pressure Saudis to keep oil prices low

Q: What pressures should be brought on OPEC nations to lift oil production? A: It’s important for the president to explain in clear terms what high energy prices will not only do to our economy, but what high energy prices will do to the world economy. It is in the Saudis’ best interests for the price of oil to mellow out. It’s not only in our country’s best interest; It needs to be explained to them it’s in their best interests. And I will do so.
Source: GOP Debate in Manchester NH Jan 26, 2000

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