Howard Mills on Tax Reform

Supports cutting capital gains and dividend tax

I support cutting capital gains and dividend tax. I have a $36 billion middle-class tax cut. I call for eliminating the alternative minimum tax entirely for anyone earning under $100,000 a year. I call for raising the age of childhood deduction from the current 14 years of age and younger to 17 years of age and younger. It's a truly middle-class tax cut. It will help the middle class in this state and all of America and will help stimulate the economy.
Source: 2004 NY Senate Debate on WABC Oct 17, 2004

Government has grown too big, so limit taxes

I believe that the United States government has grown too big, and takes too much hard-earned money away from the American taxpayer. As an Assemblyman, I have consistently opposed local tax increases, voted against the Legislature's 2003 Budget, and against all overrides of Governor Pataki's vetoes. As New York's United States Senator, my philosophy will stay the same.
Source: Campaign website, mills2004.com, "Issues" Aug 17, 2004

Make the Bush Tax Cuts permanent

In the United States Senate, I will support a cut in the payroll tax to benefit lower and middle class taxpayers. I will support legislation to repeal the individual and corporate alternative minimum taxes. I will continuously look for new and innovative ways to simplify the tax code. Finally, you can be assured that I will fight tooth and nail to make the Bush Tax Cuts permanent.
Source: Campaign website, mills2004.com, "Issues" Aug 17, 2004

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