Doris Haddock on Tax Reform

Tax cuts for the wealthiest American cannot be justified

HADDOCK: You voted for tax cuts for the wealthiest American at a time of war? How can you justify that when we're not secure and we have the largest budget deficit in history?

GREGG: I believe very strongly we made the right decision to cut taxes when we did. We were coming out of the biggest bubble in the '90s we have seen and then we had 9/11.

Source: NH Senate Debate, in The Union Leader Oct 21, 2004

Supports progressive tax schedules & balanced budgets

The best tax policies are the balanced budget, progressive tax schedules, and the nurturing of good jobs in this country to widen the middle class. Because a strong middle class has the tax-generating capacity to fund our common needs, and families need good incomes, we must discourage the off-shoring of our jobs and the de-unionization of industries. Good wages and good benefits are good for America in every way, including the provision of balanced federal, state and local budgets.
Source: Campaign website, GrannyD.com, "On The Issues" Sep 1, 2004

The rest of us pay for Bush's billionaire tax cuts

If Mr. Bush's tax cuts to the billionaires are made permanent-and the billionaire tax cuts were supported by my opponent-then each American household will "own" about $90,000 in federal debt by the year 2014. That is an outrage to our children and their future. Our people are the strength of America, and all else derives from that.
Source: Campaign website, GrannyD.com, "On The Issues" Sep 1, 2004

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