Conrad Burns on Budget & Economy

Former Republican Senator (MT, 1989-2007)

Grow economy & control spending to reduce deficit

Q: How would you reduce the federal deficit?

JONES: Thatís easy for me. Eliminate unconstitutional departments and agencies.

BURNS: Thereís only one way to control the deficit--grow the economy and control spending. We have brought down spending on the discretionary spending - the part we have some control over. The non-discretionary part is troubling. Weíre continuing with the tax cuts which have energized the economy--thatís the way you take care of the deficit. We didnít ask for 9/11, or Katrina, or the war on terror. We always grew through it. You grow the economy and control spending and thatís the way you take care of the deficit.

TESTER: When it comes to funding for Montana, we took the third biggest cut in FY05, in that discretionary funding. Out of 13 subcommittee chairs, Sen. Burns is ranked 10th in getting dollars to this state for critical projects. Itís time that we spend the money wiser, that we prioritize better, and start looking out for middle class folks.

Source: 2006 Montana 3-way Senate Debate at MSU Oct 9, 2006

Control the budget throttle by not raising taxes

Q: Your view on tax cuts versus deficit spending?

BURNS: His record is very clear on that, and my record is very clear also. I donít vote for tax increases.

TESTER: Sen. Burns talks about how he doesnít raise taxes. Heís spending more money than the economy is growing--thatís putting a tax burden on our children. If you think thatís a way to do business, it certainly wouldnít have worked on our farm. You are a borrow-and-spender, thatís unequivocal.

BURNS: You said to some students, ďI want to lower your tuition.ď Since youíve been in the senate, tuition has gone of 48%. I have no control over that--you do, with the board of regents. Youíve got your hand on the throttle.

TESTER: You want to talk about a throttle--your hand on the throttle has doubled the national debt in 5 years. On our kids! If my folks had done that on our farm, theyíd have lost the farm. Youíre running this country into bankruptcy. Chinaís buying our debt, because he canít balance our checkbook.

Source: 2006 MT Senate debate, Tester vs. Burns in Butte Sep 24, 2006

Voted YES on $40B in reduced federal overall spending.

Vote to pass a bill that reduces federal spending by $40 billion over five years by decreasing the amount of funds spent on Medicaid, Medicare, agriculture, employee pensions, conservation, and student loans. The bill also provides a down-payment toward hurricane recovery and reconstruction costs.
Reference: Work, Marriage, and Family Promotion Reconciliation Act; Bill S. 1932 ; vote number 2005-363 on Dec 21, 2005

Voted YES on prioritizing national debt reduction below tax cuts.

Vote to table [kill] an amendment that would increase the amount of the budget that would be used to reduce the national debt by $75 billion over 5 year. The debt reduction would be offset by reducing the tax cut in the budget framework from $150 billion
Reference: Bill S Con Res 101 ; vote number 2000-55 on Apr 5, 2000

Voted YES on 1998 GOP budget.

Approval of the 1998 GOP Budget which would cut spending and taxes.
Status: CR Agreed to Y)78; N)22
Reference: H. Con. Res. 84 as amended; Bill H. Con. Res. 84 ; vote number 1997-92 on May 23, 1997

Voted YES on Balanced-budget constitutional amendment.

Approval of the balanced-budget constitutional amendment.
Status: Joint Resolution Defeated Y)66; N)34
Reference: S. J. Res. 1; Bill S. J. Res. 1 ; vote number 1997-24 on Mar 4, 1997

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