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Much stricter limits on political campaign funds

Q: What about stricter limits on political campaign funds?

A: I think anything that restricts the flow of money with politicians is a good thing. Sadly it's come down to whoever spends the most money wins and not what the individual really stands for. That's not just a generalization either. If you research the last several years of political races you will see that in most cases whoever spends the most money wins.

Source: OnTheIssues email interview with Bo Heyward Jul 30, 2006

End frivolous lawsuits

Trial lawyers are running around like parasites in this country. Just the other day I read about a woman who was awarded $10 million because a coworker wore a perfume that made her sick. This is ridiculous. If someone sues a company and wins millions, where does the money come from? They could have to close stores, which leads to higher prices that we have to pay for. I'm not saying that every case is without merit. "Frivolous" is the key word here.
Source: Campaign website, www.boforsenate.com, "Issues" Apr 28, 2006

Supports Congressional term limits

I believe there should be a limit to the number of terms that a Senator or Representative can serve. I can't help but think that the longer someone is in office, the greater the chances are of a big money special interest group throwing money someone's way for favors. Limiting the number of terms would cut down on the "career politician" mentality. Maybe then some of them wouldn't act like untouchable royalty.
Source: Campaign website, www.boforsenate.com, "Issues" Apr 28, 2006

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