Zell Miller on Gun Control

Southerners don't want to hear about gun control

Southern voters may say they're for gun control, and they may well be for gun control, but they simply don't trust anybody who spends too much time talking about it. Bill Clinton understood that. Al Gore did not.
Source: A National Party No More, by Sen. Zell Miller, p. 15 Oct 1, 2003

Ban hand guns for those under 18; ban guns at school

    [For juvenile crime], nothing can take the place of parents, but there are some things that I think will help the situation:
  1. Urge schools at the local level to involve law enforcement officers, parents and community leaders in developing a safe school plan.
  2. Create violence-free safety zones around school sites, similar to the drug-free zones we now have.
  3. Increase the penalties for handgun assaults on students and teachers and for possession of weapons in those school safety zones.
  4. Encourage local systems to establish alternative schools for students who constantly disrupt classrooms but haven’t done enough to be sent away.
  5. Ban the possession of handguns by those under age 18, and make it a felony for anyone to furnish them with a handgun. There would be some appropriate exceptions for hunting or target practice or with direct parental supervision. But, a 15 year old could no longer legally carry a loaded 357 magnum to school in the front seat of his car like he can now.
    Source: Speech in Augusta, “Youth Violence” Oct 25, 1993

    Voted NO on banning lawsuits against gun manufacturers for gun violence.

    Vote to pass a bill that would block certain civil lawsuits against manufacturers, distributors, dealers and importers of firearms and ammunition, mainly those lawsuits aimed at making them liable for gun violence. In this bill, trade groups would also be protected The bill would call for the dismissal of pending lawsuits against the gun industry. The exception would be lawsuits regarding a defect in a weapon or ammunition. It also would provide a 10-year reauthorization of the assault weapons ban which is set to expire in September 2004. The bill would increase the penalties for gun-related violent or drug trafficking crimes which have not resulted in death, to a minimum of 15 years imprisonment. The bill calls for criminal background checks on all firearm transactions at gun shows where at least 75 guns are sold. Exemptions would be made available for dealers selling guns from their homes as well as members-only gun swaps and meets carried out by nonprofit hunting clubs.
    Reference: Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act; Bill S.1805/H.R.1036 ; vote number 2004-30 on Mar 2, 2004

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