Zell Miller on Drugs

Supports DARE (Drug Abuse Resistance Education)

Governor Zell Miller has issued a proclamation designating April 10 as D.A.R.E. Day in Georgia. “I am pleased to recognize the D.A.R.E. program and its impact on lowering the rates of drug use and violence among its participants,” Gov. Miller said. “I am proud of the many Georgia students who have taken part in this worthwhile program.” Drug Abuse Resistance Education (D.A.R.E.), teaches fifth and sixth grade students to recognize the pressures to experiment with drugs and violence.
Source: Press Release, “DARE Day” Feb 9, 1998

Allow people harmed by drugs to sue drug dealers

Illegal drugs continue to be a significant problem for many families. I’m going to ask you to pass a drug dealer liability law. I want Georgians who are harmed by illegal drugs to be able to sue drug dealers. I believe they ought to be able to sue drug dealers to recover their costs. This could be a start to shifting the huge cost of the damage caused by illegal drugs back to the dealers.
Source: State of the State Address, Georgia Jan 14, 1997

Put drunk drivers behind bars on first offense

For the seventh year in a row, Gov. Miller will lead the fight against drunk drivers. The DUI package this year consists of a four-part proposal, including minimum mandatory jail time for first offenders. “Georgia’s DUI laws are still not tough enough,” Miller said. “Too many people still drive drunk, and those who are caught are still not punished enough. We must take this crime seriously from the very start.” If the bill passes, minimum mandatory jail time will be 24 hours for the first offense and 72 hours for the second. Current law is zero hours for the first offense and 48 hours for the second. Governor Miller’s four-part proposal also includes:
  • License plate impoundment for habitual violators.
  • Privatizing [funding of] the ignition interlock monitoring system as a condition of probation.
  • The Governor is again proposing zero [alcohol and drugs] tolerance for drivers under 21 as a part of this year’s proposed Young Drivers’ Safety Act.
    Source: Press Release, “DUI Package” Dec 23, 1996

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