Wayne Sowell on Drugs

Legalize marijuana for all adults over 21

Our approach toward "drugs" must be adjusted for today's lifestyle. The adjusted approach must be applied towards legal and illegal drugs. We truly have only two options for dealing with this important problem-stay the course of death and destruction as we are experiencing daily, or give common sense a chance to "mellow" the antagonistic mood of the illegal and legal drugs industries. Illegal drugs are a part of a Multi-Billion dollar industry, that also includes a large number of legal drugs. We cannot stop "all" illegal drug activity with jail time and/or imprisonment. We need to direct our efforts to decrease the despair, violence, and death that are associated with such activities. So, what action can effectively and quickly deal with this out of control drug problem? Repeal the Marijuana Tax Act of 1937.Yes, I am supporting "legalization of Marijuana" for all adults 21 years and older. Legalization will bring `common sense' back into the illegal drug industry.
Source: Campaign website, waynesowell2004.org, "Wayne's Plan" May 17, 2004

We Hempsters will fight for our hemp rights

Remember the 1970's, when as far as public awareness was concerned, Marijuana usage was at its high point? Even with the "scapegoating" and "alleged" abuse of Marijuana back then, there was not the murders and "drive-by shootings," which cause the uneasiness of sitting out on one's own front porch. The 70's users of Marijuana at worst were rude and uncouth, unlike the "Legal and Illegal drug heads" of today who are threats to life and property and who spread mayhem and death, with no regard for themselves or others. The law on Marijuana is in need of change! Starting today, we will use "our" United States Constitution to establish our legal right to Life, Liberty and the "Hemp" pursuit to happiness. Think about this--Marijuana "legal" for adults 21 years and over just as alcohol and cigarettes are legally allowed. We Hempsters pray for God's continued guidance and leadership in this fight. We will fight for our hemp rights!!
Source: Campaign website, waynesowell2004.org, "Wayne's Plan" May 17, 2004

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