Kevin Zeese on Drugs


Favors health-based approach to drug issues

Zeese favors a health-based approach to drug issues. Zeese is president of Common Sense for Drug Policy.
Source: Email interview with OnTheissues.org Jun 25, 2006

End the failed war on drugs

A centerpiece of my Justice plank will be ending the failed war on drugs which is costing tens of billions annually, is racially unfair (Maryland is the most racially unbalanced in the United States with 90% of those incarcerated on drug charges being African American) and fails to protect our youth or community health and safety. There are public health-based alternatives to current policy that are less costly and more effective.
Source: Campaign website, www.kevinzeese.com Jan 24, 2006

Protect medical marijuana users & providers

We can protect health, reduce crime and prevent adolescent drug abuse by developing new methods of drug control. With the recent US Supreme Court decision on medical marijuana, leadership is needed in the Senate to protect the health of patients and their providers. I'm president of Common Sense for Drug Policy, and a co-founder of the Maryland Treatment Not Incarceration Coalition. I also served on Baltimore Mayor Kurt Schmoke's Working Group for Drug Policy Reform.
Source: Campaign website, www.kevinzeese.com Jan 24, 2006

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