Doris Haddock on Environment

Our ponds have too much mercury now to eat the fish

I saw you fishing the other day. I hope you didn't eat the fish because there's too much mercury today in our ponds and in our streams. It was not so when you were elected to Washington, but it is so now.
Source: NH Senate Debate, in Concord Monitor Oct 22, 2004

We have been entrusted to protect America the Beautiful

Our forests, natural spaces, wetlands and oceans are all under great stress. We are sawing off the branch we are sitting on, and we know it. We owe our children and grandchildren a wiser approach to the use of our resources and spaces. To the extent that we damage the natural world, we damage ourselves, who are dependent creatures of that realm.

I oppose the Bush Administration's efforts to drill in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, and to greatly accelerate the logging of old-growth forests, and to bury streams and valleys with mountaintop removal coal mining operations, and to allow more pollutants in our air and water, and to. oh, the list is too long! I am not so green that I cannot kill a mouse in my basement or understand that a new road will have an impact on wildlife, but I deeply believe we have been entrusted with an America the Beautiful that we must protect from the short-term thinkers and the greedy operators and from our own immediate needs for comfort.

Source: Campaign website, GrannyD.com, "On The Issues" Sep 1, 2004

We must become energy independent

We must become energy independent so that we are free to pursue justice and not self-interest in the world's affairs. I will work for that. I applaud Mr. Gregg when he stands up for energy independence and for the environment, but I pledge to do more, and to move America toward responsible stewardship of our resources for our children's children, and for their children's children, which is the only true conservatism.
Source: Senate candidacy announcement speech Jun 17, 2004

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