Catherine Cortez Masto on Gun Control



Universal background check are an essential first step

We can prevent other families from losing their loved ones to senseless gun violence. We can pass common sense legislation requiring background checks to keep guns out of the hands of criminals and dangerous individuals. Universal background checks are an essential first step toward ensuring we reduce the number of mass shootings in America, keep guns out of the hands of those who shouldn't have them, and save lives.
Source: Breitbart News on 2022 Nevada Senate race , Sep 14, 2019

Rated C by the NRA, indicating a mixed voting record on gun rights.

Cortez Masto scores C by NRA on pro-gun rights policies

While widely recognized today as a major political force and as America's foremost defender of Second Amendment rights, the National Rifle Association (NRA) has, since its inception, been the premier firearms education organization in the world. But our successes would not be possible without the tireless efforts and countless hours of service our nearly three million members have given to champion Second Amendment rights and support NRA programs.

The following ratings are based on lifetime voting records on gun issues and the results of a questionaire sent to all Congressional candidates; the NRA assigned a letter grade (with A+ being the highest and F being the lowest).

Source: NRA website 10-NRA on Aug 11, 2010

Co-sponsored background check for every firearm sale.

Cortez Masto co-sponsored the Bipartisan Background Checks Act

H.R.8: To require a background check for every firearm sale. This Act may be cited as the "Background Check Expansion Act".