Alan Keyes on Jobs

Republican challenger for IL Senate; previously Candidate for President

Government does not create jobs, only businesses do

It's important to remember that government does not create jobs. You can't have jobs without businesses. My opponent supported Gov. Blagojevich and all of the taxes, regulations, and fees that are strangling and destroying the business environment in Illinois. And then he goes around talking about jobs.

How are you going to keep jobs if you are killing businesses, and how are you going to attract new businesses to Illinois if you won't address the problem of malpractice insurance rates that are driving doctors out of the state? How are you going to attract businesses to an area where there is not proper medical care?

I think it is obvious that medical care, schools, and things of that nature are a vital part of the business environment. When you take steps to hinder the business environment by putting fees and regulations on businesses and related things, then you're killing jobs. I think you have to create an environment that is friendly to businesses in order to create jobs.

Source: Campaign website www.Keyes2004.com, "Issues" Sep 9, 2004

Family farms: Decollectivize banks; withdraw from WTO

Q: Since the family farmer is self-employed, would you cap government agriculture benefits to a modest one-family level? A: We need to look at the root of this problem. In the course of this century we restructured our banking system in a way that was insensitive to the needs of the family and independent farmer. We need to restore an element to the banking system that works with and is sensitive to the capital needs of farmers. Opening up new markets canít be done in the context of this collectivist free trade approach that does not allow us to maximize the clout we gain from our enormous market. And I want to get away from this collectivist bargaining approach and in a hard-hitting way, a business-like approach force other countries to accept our goods as the condition of their entry into American markets. We canít do that at the collectivist so-called free trade bargaining table and thatís why I think we ought to withdraw from the WTO.
Source: GOP Debate in Johnston, Iowa Jan 16, 2000

Family farms are nursery of moral character

Since the Republic was founded, the family farm has been understood as one of the bedrock sources of the moral character of this nation, of the sense of the combination of individuality and commitment to community. We lose the family farm and we lose the nursery of Americaís moral character. We therefore have a stake that goes beyond money, it goes beyond food. Itís a question of Americaís moral decency.
Source: Des Moines Iowa GOP Debate Dec 13, 1999

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