Elizabeth Dole on China

Two-track policy: Open markets + political reforms

Dole criticized the Administration for treating China as a “strategic partner” despite human rights violations and its development of advanced weapons systems that, she said, could threaten the US. China “imprisons and persecutes dissidents and religious believers,” she said. “It employs prison labor. It steals our nuclear and other military secrets.” It was not clear how her “two-track policy” to promote open markets and political reforms in China would differ from current goals in Washington.
Source: New York Times, Diana Jean Schemo, p. A21 Sep 28, 1999

Expand trade, but linked to human rights

Dole said she supported expanding business with China while linking it to improving human rights in that country. “I think you can actually have a separate track where you actually move forward to expand trade in China,” she said.
Source: Kevin Landrigan, Nashua Telegraph Aug 22, 1999

Push China for reform; stand by Taiwan

China’s human rights situation is sharply deteriorating. It’s time to press Beijing much harder for reform. We need to support, publicly, freedom of conscience and speech in China. We need to insist on free and fair access to markets and respect for intellectual property rights. And we need to stand by our friends in Taiwan. And while we reach out to China as a partner for peace, we need to shut those doors to our military secrets.
Source: (Cross-ref from Foreign Policy) Speech at United States Nava Jun 14, 1999

“Get a grip” on Cox Report & take action

[Regarding the Cox Report,] Elizabeth Dole declared, “Previous administrations must share in the blame, but this administration knew more and still chose not to take action. The Clinton-Gore administration needs to get a grip on the gravity of this crisis.”
Source: Associated Press, “Republicans on China”, by K. Srinivasan May 26, 1999

Admit China to the World Trade Organization

It’s also time [to allow] the entry of China into the WTO. History teaches that greater economic freedom moves nations down the path to political freedom. and that promotes peace. The recently negotiated agreement contains.provisions that commit China to opening its markets on a definite schedule. Let’s now resolve our remaining differences. Let’s be skeptical and prudent. let’s watch our defenses. but let’s not lose this opportunity to promote and participate in China’s market economy.
Source: Remarks to the Detroit Economic Club, 29 April 1999 Apr 29, 1999

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