Dan Quayle on Energy & Oil

Vice President of the U.S., 1989-1993; Former Republican Senator (IN)


Convert federal car fleet to alternative-fuel vehicles

Sen. Quayle co-sponsored S.1518: The Alternative Motor Fuels Act (Introduced by Sen. John Rockefeller with 64 co-sponsors; became Public Law 100-494): Ensures that beginning in FY90 the maximum practicable number of Federally-owned passenger automobiles and light duty trucks be:
  1. alcohol-powered vehicles
  2. dual energy vehicles
  3. natural gas-powered vehicles; or
  4. natural gas dual energy vehicles.
Authorizes appropriations for FY 1990 through 1993 for such alternative-fueled vehicles.
Source: Bill sponsorship archives from the Library of Congress , Jul 21, 1987

Establish energy conservation standards for home appliances

Sen. Quayle co-sponsored S.83: The National Appliance Energy Conservation Act (Sponsored by Sen. Bennett Johnston, with 68 Co-sponsors; Became Public Law 100-12).
  • Deletes from specific coverage
    1. humidifiers; and
    2. dehumidifiers.
  • Excludes from such coverage consumer products designed solely for use in recreational vehicles and other mobile equipment.
  • Prohibits manufacturers from making any representations regarding the energy efficiency of appliances covered by this Act unless such appliances have been tested in accordance with the Federal test procedures.
  • Sets forth specific Federal energy conservation standards.
  • Revises the information requirements with which manufacturers must comply.<.ul>
    Source: Bill sponsorship archives from the Library of Congress , Jan 6, 1987

    Fervor on global warming is an attack on capitalism

    [At] the conservative Competitive Enterprise Institute, Quayle called Gore’s fervor on the environment an extremist attack on capitalism and reflective of a vision that is “pessimistic to the core.” Quayle accused Gore of promoting a global warming policy based on findings that are “highly debatable” with “no scientific consensus.” And he accused Gore -- concerning his recent initiative to protect open spaces -- of trying to dictate “where you should live, and how to design your commute to work.”
    Source: Boston Globe, Sunday April 25, 1999, p.A27, by H. J. Hebert , Apr 25, 1999

    More research before we act on global warming

    The idea of climate change caused by human beings is a theory, and a highly debatable one. There is no scientific consensus on the extent of the problem. In fact, there is no agreement on whether there is a problem at all. There’s even growing scientific opinion that global warming might have positive effects on our health and on our wealth. The bottom line is that we need more research.
    Source: Speech to Competitive Enterprise Institute, Washington DC , Apr 21, 1999

    Reducing greenhouse emissions hurts economy too much

    The Kyoto protocol [to reduce global warming] would have a disastrous effect on our economy - especially energy-intensive sectors like agriculture - without doing anything to reduce the global volume of so-called “greenhouse gases.” The Department of Energy estimates that the Kyoto protocol could put a 4% drag on our GDP, enough wealth to hand every currently unemployed worker a check for $56,000. The Labor Department concludes that 1.2 million Americans will lose their jobs due to the Kyoto protocol
    Source: Speech to Competitive Enterprise Institute, Washington DC , Apr 21, 1999

    CAFE standards cost lives by shrinking cars

    The CAFE standards for fuel efficiency [are intended] as a means of reducing gas emissions. Nice objective. But tighter CAFE standards also mean that more people die on the highways because cars get smaller and lighter. [I support] freezing the standards, [and I oppose] raising CAFE standards on sport utility vehicles. The last thing we should do is create more regulation that ends up costing lives.
    Source: Speech to Competitive Enterprise Institute, Washington DC , Apr 21, 1999

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