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Bill Hagerty: Stop the socialist agenda; cut corporate tax rate

The extreme liberals want to implement a government-run health care plan that will cost an estimated $52 trillion and the Green New Deal, which would cost a whopping $93 trillion. Bill knows we need true fiscal conservative leadership to stop the socialist agenda and help President Trump drain the swamp. He will work to cut frivolous spending, cut the corporate tax rate to encourage job growth, and make tax cuts permanent. Bill will support no budget, no pay legislation.
Source: 2020 Tennessee Senate campaign website Dec 24, 2019

James Mackler: Trump's tax cuts make it easier for jobs to move overseas

Mackler accused Trump of causing rural hospitals in Tennessee to close and taking away health care from hundreds of thousands of Tennesseans.

Mackler said Trump's tax cuts are making it easier for jobs to move overseas and called the nation's trade war with China "a disaster."

Source: The Tennessean on 2020 Tennessee Senate race Jan 8, 2019

Bill Lee: Reduce the tax & regulatory burden for everyone

Q: Position on Tennessee taxes?

Karl Dean (D): Would allow counties to increase gas tax to fund local transportation infrastructure.

Bill Lee (R): Recruiting new businesses while "growing Tennessee businesses of all sizes. requires reducing the tax & regulatory burden for everyone."

Source: 2018 Issue Guide on Tennessee Governor race Oct 9, 2018

Phil Bredesen: Pay for corporate tax cuts by closing loopholes

Q: Support President Trump's tax cuts?

Marsha Blackburn (R): Yes. "People can keep more of the money they earn throughout their lives."

Phil Bredesen (D): No. "They threw a few crumbs to the middle class to give these huge breaks to wealthier people & corporations."

Q: Address debt and deficit?

Blackburn: Promote "balanced budget; cut bureaucracy," and "across-the-board spending cuts."

Bredesen: "Pay for corporate tax cuts by closing loopholes," rather than adding $1.5 trillion of debt.

Source: 2018 Issue Guide on Tennessee Senate race Oct 9, 2018

Bill Lee: Get government out of the way; give jobs chance to flourish

Government regulation stifles innovation and slows growth. If we are going to truly make Tennessee the best place to work and raise a family, we have to reduce the tax burden, reduce regulations, and lower barriers to entry. For job creation, one of the best things government can do is get out of the way.
Source: 2018 Tennessee Gubernatorial website Jul 4, 2018

Phil Bredesen: As mayor, enticed the NFL's Oilers to relocate to Nashville

Twelve years after coming to Tennessee, he ran for Nashville mayor in 1987, losing to then-U.S. Rep. Bill Boner. Bredesen immediately turned around and ran for Boner's congressional seat, only to fail again. Boner didn't seek a second term. This time, Nashville was ready for an outsider, and Bredesen won the 1991 mayoral race.

During his terms, Bredesen pushed economic development, built schools, a new downtown library and successfully enticed the NFL's Oilers to relocate to Nashville, as well as the NHL franchise now known as the Nashville Predators. Along the way, he built an arena, now home of the Predators, and a stadium for the Titans.

While Bredesen was still mayor, panicky state Democrats persuaded him to run to succeed Democratic Gov. Ned McWherter in 1994. He lost to Sundquist. Eight years later in 2002, Bredesen ran again, this time to succeed the term-limited Sundquist.

Source: Chattanooga Times Free Press on 2018 Tennessee Senate race Apr 7, 2018

Karl Dean: Used tax incentives to lure companies to Nashville

Dean's tenure as mayor included overseeing several major civic projects such as the construction of Music City Center and leading the city during a booming economy. He often used tax incentives to lure companies to the city or to expand. His fans credit him with helping the city bounce back from a devastating flood in 2010 and battle through the Great Recession.
Source: The Tennessean on 2018 Tennessee Gubernatorial race Feb 26, 2017

Mark Green: Reapportion corporate excise tax to favor businesses in TN

Many people are not aware that our state corporate income tax laws hurt Tennessee-based businesses seeking to invest in high-paying jobs and property here in Tennessee. Businesses operating in more than one state apportion their income among the states in order to compute the corporate income tax (called the Excise Tax in Tennessee) that they owe to each state.

Tennessee's current formula uses a combination of sales, property and payroll. It's a strong example of a tax scheme that functioned in the 1980s but today creates a disincentive for businesses to create jobs and invest in our state.

Many of the states with the fastest job growth have changed to a sales-only apportionment formula. My bill brings Tennessee in line with these forward-thinking and growing states with which we regularly compete for capital investment and job growth.

Source: Knoxville News-Sentinel OpEd in 2018 Tennessee governor race Feb 21, 2015

Bill Haslam: Revenue Modernization Act: level playing field for business

Last year, there was a sharp decline in revenue collections. Most of the drop was in our business tax collections. Some of it is that companies outside of Tennessee, but that do business in Tennessee, aren't always required to pay the same taxes that our in state and homegrown companies do.

We found that Tennessee has fallen behind other states in protecting our in state businesses from unfair competition from out of state companies. To remedy that, we will file the Revenue Modernization Act, which aims to level the playing field in terms of sales tax and business taxes.

The bill also capitalizes on trends that we're seeing in product distribution by creating an incentive for companies to use Tennessee's distribution industry, which maximizes our state's strengths. We are committed to Tennessee remaining a low tax state. This proposal simply brings us in line to better compete with other states and to not put our in state businesses at a disadvantage, which we are doing today.

Source: State of the State address to 2015 Tennessee Legislature Feb 9, 2015

Terry Adams: Democracy is hijacked by corporations & special interests

Adams wondered out loud about a choice between Lamar Alexander, "a servant of Wall Street," or "Terry Adams, who will be a fierce advocate for Tennessee's Main Street," asking, "If we give Tennessee that choice, who do you think they will choose?"

He continued: "This country's $17 trillion in debt. The rich are getting richer, the poor are getting poorer, & the middle class is disappearing. Our democracy is being hijacked! It's been held back by millionaires, by corporations, & by special interests."

Source: Memphis Flyer on 2014 Tennessee Senate race Aug 6, 2014

Phil Bredesen: Plan for robotic factories of the future

I visited the Volkswagen plant in Wolfsburg, Germany--the mother ship. That visit was a concrete lesson for me about the factory of the future. I visited one enormous hall where the drive trains and chassis were being joined. There were robots working--but very few people. They called it the "ghost hall", and I believe you could turn off all the lights and it would continue to churn out those Volkswagens just fine.

The lesson here is not that factory work is obsolete; far from it. The Wolfsburg complex employs 54,000 people in good, high paying jobs. But most of them don't position and bolt and weld. They invent, they design, they purchase, they contract, they do the logistics to make sure the machines have parts to work with, and they program those machines and fix them when they break. And yes, some of them still load parts and check results, but you can already see a future in which those jobs get fewer and farther between.

Source: 2009 State of the State address to Tennessee legislature Feb 9, 2009

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