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Paul Romero: Cut ALL the pork; steady draw down to save trillions

Q: What government spending would you reduce in order to balance the budget?

A: Cut ALL the pork. Eliminate subsidies for commercial businesses who make a profit. A steady draw down would save trillions of dollars. The Federal Government should only be spending money on issues that fall under the perview [sic] of the Constitution, PERIOD. Many Departments will be closed. State sovereignty, those things not specifically delegated to the Federal Government fall to each individual State.

Source: AFA iVoterGuide on 2020 Oregon Senate race Nov 3, 2020

Jo Rae Perkins: End out of control spending, cut bloated federal agencies

National Debt: We will only end out- of-control spending by pushing back on bloated federal agencies.
Source: 2020 Oregon Senate campaign website Aug 17, 2020

Jo Rae Perkins: Filed for twice for bankruptcy; lost professional credential

The first items Perkins lists on her website as her qualifications to unseat Sen. Jeff Merkley are her experience as a "financial advisor, budget analyst, debt freedom counselor, and personal banker," yet KOIN has learned she has filed for bankruptcy twice and had her Certified Financial Planner mark revoked by the Certified Financial Planner (CFP) Board. The CFP Board cited the second bankruptcy as a reason it sanctioned Perkins in October of 2010.
Source: KOIN CBS-TV-6 on 2020 Oregon Senate race Jul 15, 2020

Jo Rae Perkins: Shrink government; cut BLM, USFS, and the Fed

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