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Bill O`Brien: Support innovation at VA; ensure military has needed tools

I will always stand up for Veterans who sacrificed so that we enjoy the freedom and prosperity our nation has. I support innovation at the VA, I will always stand up against unfair VA wait times for treatment, and I will support NH Veterans who need help with services. For those who are still serving, I will ensure they have the tools to get the job done; that includes military assets built and created by the great workers of New Hampshire, including those who work at Portsmouth Naval Shipyard.
Source: 2020 N.H. Senate campaign website Dec 20, 2019

Derek Dextraze: Finish what we got ourselves into, and get the hell out

Q: Do you support or oppose the statement, "Avoid foreign entanglements "

A:Strongly˙Support - Let's finish what we got ourselves into and get the hell out.

Source: Email interview: 2016 N.H. gubernatorial race by OnTheIssues Mar 14, 2016

Donald Trump: Get rid of ISIS, quickly: dry up their oil & their money

Q: You've said, "we've got to get rid of ISIS, quickly, quickly." How?

TRUMP: Well, four years ago, I said, bomb the oil and take the oil. And if we did that, they wouldn't have the wealth they have right now. Now, we're doing little pinpricks. If somebody's driving a truck, they give notice to the person driving the truck, "we're going to bomb." If they don't get out of the truck, the truck sails away with the oil. We don't want to bomb the oil, because we don't want to pollute the atmosphere. Can you imagine General Douglas MacArthur or General Patton saying we can't bomb because we're gonna hurt the atmosphere? You have to knock the hell out of the oil. And you have also back channels of banking. You have people that you think are our great allies in the Middle East, that are paying tremendous amounts of money to ISIS. So we have to stop those circuits. So between the oil and the banking, you will dry them up. But it should have been done four years ago, not now.

Source: 2016 ABC Republican debate on eve of N.H. primary Feb 6, 2016

Bernie Sanders: End perpetual warfare in the quagmire of the Middle East

I'm running for president because I want a new foreign policy; one that takes on Isis, one that destroys ISIS, but one that does not get us involved in perpetual warfare in the quagmire of the Middle East but rather works around a major coalition of wealthy and powerful nations supporting Muslim troops on the ground. That's the kind of coalition we need and that's the kind of coalition I will put together.
Source: 2015 ABC/WMUR Democratic primary debate in N.H. Dec 19, 2015

Bernie Sanders: I voted against 1st Gulf War, which led to 2nd Gulf War

I voted against the first Gulf War, which set the stage, I believe, for the second Iraq war. What I believe is the US cannot be thought of as the policeman of the world, that when there's an international crisis all over the world, in France and in the U.K., hey, just call up the American military and the American taxpayers, they're going to send the troops, and if they have to be in the Middle East for 20 or 30 years no problem.
Source: 2015 ABC/WMUR Democratic primary debate in N.H. Dec 19, 2015

Bernie Sanders: Tell Qatar and Saudi Arabia that they must fight ISIS

There must be an international coalition, including Russia, a well-coordinated effort. This is a war for the soul of Islam. The troops on the ground should not be American troops. They should be Muslim troops. I believe that countries like Saudi Arabia and Qatar have got to step up to the plate, have got to contribute the money that we need, and the troops that we need, to destroy ISIS with American support.
Source: 2015 ABC/WMUR Democratic primary debate in N.H. Dec 19, 2015

Hillary Clinton: 3-part plan to go after ISIS: territory; network; safety

I have a plan to go after ISIS. Not to contain them, but to defeat them. It has three parts. First, deprive them of territory they occupy in Syria and Iraq. Second, dismantle their network of terrorism. Third, do more to keep us safe. We have to have an American-led air campaign, we have to have Arab and Kurdish troops on the ground. We have got to go after everything from North Africa to South Asia and beyond. Here at home, we have to share information and work closely with Muslim-Americans.
Source: 2015 ABC/WMUR Democratic primary debate in N.H. Dec 19, 2015

Hillary Clinton: Support Sunni Arab and Kurdish forces against ISIS in Syria

What we're facing with ISIS is especially complicated. It was a different situation in Afghanistan. We were attacked from Afghanistan. We went after those who attacked us. What's happening in Syria and Iraq is that, because of the failures in the region, there has been a resurgence of Sunni activities, as exemplified by ISIS. We have to support Sunni-Arab and Kurdish forces against ISIS, because I believe it would be not only a strategic mistake for the US to put ground combat troops in.
Source: 2015 ABC/WMUR Democratic primary debate in N.H. Dec 19, 2015

Hillary Clinton: We won't have to shoot down Russians in Syrian no-fly zone

One of the reasons why I have advocated for a no-fly zone is to protect people on the ground from Assad's forces and from ISIS. I am advocating the no-fly zone both because I think it would help us on the ground to protect Syrians; I'm also advocating it because I think it gives us some leverage in our conversations with Russia. The no-fly zone, I would hope, would be also shared by Russia.
Source: 2015 ABC/WMUR Democratic primary debate in N.H. Dec 19, 2015

Martin O`Malley: Constitution doesn't let us say when dictators must go

Q: What's your proposal for what comes after Assad?

O'MALLEY: I believe that we need to focus on destroying ISIL. That is the clear and present danger. And I believe that we can springboard off of this new U.N. resolution; there should be a political process. But we shouldn't be the ones declaring that Assad must go. Where did it ever say in the Constitution, where is it written that it's the job of the United States of America or its secretary of State to determine when dictators have to go? We have a role to play in this world. But it is not the role of traveling the world looking for new monsters to destroy.

CLINTON: Assad has killed, by last count, about 250,000 Syrians. The reason we are in the mess we're in, that ISIS has the territory it has, is because of Assad. I advocated arming the moderate opposition back in the day when I was still secretary of State, because I worried we would end up exactly where we are now.

SANDERS: The US is not the policeman of the world.

Source: 2015 ABC/WMUR Democratic primary debate in N.H. Dec 19, 2015

Jon Lavoie: I support staying out of the Middle East

Q: Do you support or oppose the statement, "Stay out of Iran"?

A: N/A [to gubernatorial race] but I do support staying out of the middle east.

Source: Email interview for 2016 N.H. Governor race with OnTheIssues Oct 18, 2015

Frank Guinta: Obama should skip vacation while ISIS is killing Christians

Former U.S. Rep. Frank Guinta said the decision by President Obama to remain on vacation while ISIS is killing Americans is offensive. "There is a group of terrorists in Iraq who are killing Christians, who are killing Americans," Guinta said. "I think it's offensive, it's offensive to Americans."

He said there is a "complete lack of leadership from our president" on foreign policy and referenced Foley's murder by ISIS terrorists. "We have James Foley, whose family is from Rochester, who was beheaded. An American citizen for doing his job," Guinta said. "The country needs to act. The country needs to act quickly."

Source: 2014 U. S. House First N.H. Congressional District debates Aug 24, 2014

Kelly Ayotte: Israel has right to defend itself, even with Gaza flotilla

Q: The UN quickly condemned Israel for the acts leading to the loss of life in international waters in the recent Gaza flotilla incident. If you are elected US Senator, will Israel always be right?

A: Israel, like other countries, has the right to defend itself. It's always unfortunate when there's any loss of life. But in that circumstance, they were stopping arms coming from Hamas into Gaza. Hamas has continued to shoot rockets into Israel and they were defending themselves.

Q: So will Israel always be right?

A: I will absolutely evaluate every situation on its facts and on its merits. Whenever there's a loss of life, it's very tragic, but we have to respect Israel's right to defend itself.

Source: Americans for Prosperity/Cornerstone 2010 N.H. Senate Debate Jun 5, 2010

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